Friday, 26 February 2016

FFS Friday - Infested

I've been feeling really tired lately. I know a lot of us feel tired and think it's normal, but it's not. I've learned that fatigue can be a sign of an underlying illness. Last Wednesday I went to the Dr to figure out what's going on with me. He ordered a whole pile of blood tests. I went down to the pathology lab, the lady checked them all, said that she could do them all and told me to come back in the morning because one was a fasting test. FFS.

The next day I had to be at my friends house by 7am to get her kids to school. 6 kids and no coffee is not a good match. Thankfully her kids are great so it wasn't a problem. I got them all to school, got a tantruming Eljay into the car and we went to pathology. There was a huge queue. FFS.

I waited in the queue for 15 minutes. When it was my turn I handed over my forms (there was two pages worth of tests) and the lady started looking them up. Then she asked the lady who I'd seen the day before if they could do one of the tests and she said no! FFS.

They told me I had to go in to town to the main lab. FFS.

By this time Eljay had decided he wanted to go home, so he sang me the song of his people the whole trip in to town. FFS.

I walked into pathology with Eljay on my hip, got the forms out and walked up to the counter only to be told by the rude receptionist to "please wait back there, I'm still processing the forms from the person before you". She was so rude that two other people in the waiting room pulled faces at her. FFS.

There wasn't a sign or any indicator of where I was supposed to stand so I have no idea why she was so rude. FFS.

The Dr told me he'd have my test results by the end of the week. The pathology lady told me it'd be at least 3 working days and I probably wouldn't have them until Thursday. FFS.

Last Friday I had to be at my friends house again to get the kids to school. We slept in until 6.15am so I was running behind when we left the house. As we were getting ready for the kids to scoot to school I realised that I'd left Chai's bag at home. FFS.

That meant I had to get the kids to school, scoot back to my friends house to pick up the car, go home and then go back to school with Chai's bag. FFS.

Sunday. Well, where do I start? Let's start with Saturday night. Saturday night Chai started scratching his head. FFS.

I am paranoid about nits and check his head every few days. I checked his head and couldn't find anything. 

I noticed him scratching again whilst he was sleeping so I got the torch and checked again but still couldn't see anything. 

Sunday started out as it meant to continue. FFS.

We were having breakfast and Chai was sitting on my knee when he spewed. FFS.

All over me, all over himself, all over the floor and table. FFS.

He perked up after that so we headed out.    

We were in the supermarket when he scratched again. Mum and I pounced on him and found four large (about 4 mls) bugs in his hair. FFS.

We didn't think they looked like nits but we really had no idea what we were looking for. FFS.

We headed to the nit section but there were no pictures of nits to be found. Just in case, we bought a bottle of nit treatment. FFS.

When we got to my sisters house we found another bug. She didn't think it looked like nits either, but we decided to treat him anyhow. He was infested with the horrible things. FFS.

There were so many eggs and quite a few hatched lice, it was very, very gross. As if that wasn't bad enough, upon inspection of my hair we found eggs. FFS.

I left Mum and the boys at my sisters house and headed home to burn the house down. FFS.

I washed all the bedding including doonas and pillows. Next I tried to treat my hair but couldn't manage it myself. FFS.

Hours later I got back to my sisters house. Being the star that she is, she'd made tea for us. Not FFS.

We were just sitting down to eat our dinner when Chai spewed again. FFS.

It went all over the dinner table. FFS.

When we'd finally cleaned it up Mum and I gulped down a few mouthfuls of our now cold dinner and went home. FFS.

What a day. 

Monday Mum did my hair, we found one live lice and a few eggs. FFS.

Tiger did my hair again yesterday and there were only two eggs. FFS.

I can't stop scratching, I'm constantly thinking that I can feel things moving in my hair, I've got total nit paranoia now. FFS.

That's it. Tell me your stories of woe. Or good news, that'd be nice.

Peace out people.              

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