Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Mascara declutter

This one is long overdue! When I did my product inventory I was very surprised to discover that I have 41 mascaras. How? Why? I rarely buy mascara so I have no idea how it happened. A lot of them are gwp size which makes sense. 

I've only done one cull so far, however I plan on doing another one soon. For round one I went through and tossed all the old, stinky mascaras. Nine bit the bullet that time.
Next up I plan to try them all and get rid of the ones that I don't love. I'll post another update when round number two is finished. I'm quite tempted to toss all of the black ones, I prefer brown mascara, it's softer and suits me better. 

Stay tuned for my next update in a few weeks time. 

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