Sunday, 21 February 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. Hmm. I've got nothing this week. You'd think I could come up with at least one thought wouldn't you?

2. Hah! I thought of something! I got a new handbag this week, it's by Desigual and it's so cool. It's like this one, just in a different colour. I wanted the blue but it was sold out, which I'm happy about now because I like the colour I got even more. I've checked out their website and now I want all of the things.

3. I'm one of those people who others spill their secrets to. It's so bizarre, I can't believe the things total strangers tell me. For a while there I'd perfected my fuck off face so it stopped happening, but I must have lost that face cause it's started happening again. In the last two weeks one lady has told me about how her first baby died at 6 months and another lady has told me about when she had a stillborn baby. I can only imagine how awful those experiences must have been. 

4. I don't understand why people tell me intimate details of their life. What makes you tell a total stranger things that you'd normally only tell those closest to you? It's not like I ask them, I'm usually just sitting there and they'll start talking to me. 

5. I bought Vogue this week, what a waste of money. The first 42 pages are ads and the first article doesn't start until page 83. I thought I was buying a magazine not a huge ad brochure.

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