Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mummy Bag

Colorado satchel
When I had Chai I quickly realised that I needed a new handbag (what a shame!) I'd bought a nappy bag, but it was way too heavy to cart around on my shoulder. I didn't like to leave my purse, keys and phone in my nappy bag as I kept it either on the back of or under my pram which meant that I didn't hear my phone ring and it made it very easy should someone want to pinch my purse. The handbag I'd been using had short handles so when I had it on my shoulder and I leaned over bub, it kept on hitting him in the face, not a good look. It was also double handled so rather bulky on my shoulder.

Hubby and I hunted around for a while until we found a nice, roomy cross body bag. Best thing ever when you have little ones to run after. In the years since I had Chai and Eljay I've tried going back to a normal bag but it just doesn't work. Hands free is essential when you've got toddlers. For a while there I used a back pack which was great, but after a while I got sick of having to take it off my back every time I needed something.

For those of you who need to be hands free, here are a few bags I'd recommend.

Cabrelli Body Bag

Colorado large body bag

Colorado multi-pocket body bag

Lily Bloom

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