Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Top Three Tuesday - Coconut scented body lotions

Summer is coming. Hot days, warm nights and coconut scented suntan oil are the things that come to mind when I think of summer. Whilst I no longer use a coconut scented suntan oil (or any suntan oil for that matter), I always pull out a coconut scented body lotion. Today I'm showing you three of my favourites. They all have different uses and a different coconut scent, so you need them all in your life. 

Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion - Smells like fresh coconut. This is the richest, most hydration lotion of the three, probably due to the mixture of cocoa butter and coconut oil. I like to use this at night so that it absorbs overnight and I wake up with soft skin. It also makes a great overnight foot treatment. I apply it thickly, put socks over the top, then the next morning when my skin is soft use a foot file to get rid of all the built up skin.

Little Bird Organic Coconut Moisturising Butter - This is the newest one in my collection and the most versatile. It's a solid oil that melts on contact with the skin. No only is it a great moisturiser suitable for the body and face, it's also a wonderful hair treatment and make-up remover. It smells deliciously like toasted coconut.

Pure Tan Pure Moisture Coconut Body Creme - When I want something a bit lighter than the two moisturisers above I use my Coconut Body Creme. It smells of sweet coconut and absorbs quickly so I can get dressed within a few minutes. On days when my skin is really dry this wouldn't be rich enough, but for every day it's perfect. 

What's your favourite coconut scented product? 

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