Friday, 25 September 2015

FFS Friday - #FullyFitspo

I'm about to enter a whole new world of sweat, pain and leggings. FFS.

See in a fit of craziness I entered myself into a competition on HotFM to join their Fully Fitspo team and by some miracle I won a spot! FFS/Not FFS.

I was not expecting to win. FFS.

Due to this, when they called me a few hours after I'd put the application in, and did an interview to be broadcast on the radio, I sounded like a stunned mullet (whatever they sound like). FFS.

This was made worse by the fact that I was in the waiting room at the Dr's surgery whilst I was talking to them. FFS.

I missed out on hearing myself on the radio, which I think is probably a blessing. Not FFS.

In true Glossy style, the first thing I did after hearing I'd won a spot was to go shopping for gym clothes. Hehe.

Wow, that's a whole new world. FFS.

When I exercised in the past I did martial arts and walking. Walking didn't require any special clothes and when I did martial arts I wore Thai shorts or my Gi. Gym clothes are a whole other thing that I know nothing about. FFS.

What does one wear to the gym? I have no idea. From what I can see in the stores it appears that leggings are the most common attire. FFS.

Leggings are so unflattering. FFS.

I'm convinced that leggings are why you only see fit people in the gym. Unfit people don't go to the gym cause leggings are evil. FFS.

And then there's another dilemma. What do I wear under leggings that doesn't give a VPL? FFS.

I'm not going to wear a g banger, how uncomfortable. FFS.

The last thing I need when I'm sweating it out is a piece of string up my butt. FFS.

If I wear normal undies my VPL will be very obvious. FFS.

I'm not going commando, although that does seem to be a popular option. FFS.

So what do I wear? Until I find a solution I'll be wearing long tshirts!

Who knew exercise clothing would be so difficult. FFS.

And now onto something else.

I don't normally watch much tv but I've been watching The Bachelor and this week started watching The Bachelorette.

The kids have somehow realised this so are doing their utmost to make sure I miss all the good parts of the show. FFS.

Normally I put them to bed and don't hear anything from them until at least 10pm. Every night that's how it goes, other than Wednesday and Thursday nights. FFS.

Last Thursday during The Bachelor finale they both woke up four times. FFS.

Not at the same time, one after the other. FFS.

I nearly missed the end. FFS.

Seriously, I got out just as Snez walked up to Sam. FFS.

Wednesday night was the same. I got the kids into bed, settled in to watch The Bachelorette and they started. FFS.

Eljay woke up to make sure that I missed Sam's chat with Sasha! FFS.

And then Chai woke up to make sure that I missed the rose ceremony at the end of the show. FFS.

Thankfully I managed to watch the bits I missed online the next day. Not FFS.

I'm picking Sasha for the win. I like Richie too.

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