Friday, 2 October 2015

#FullyFitspo Friday

I mentioned last week that I've started a fitness journey. Thanks to Hot FM and the South West Sport Centre I was lucky enough to win a three month gym membership. I'm going to use it to figure out what type of exercise I like and what works for me. 

By some miracle I have finished week one of my 12 week Fully Fitspo journey. Last Sunday I had an appointment with Kelly and she made a program for me that I love. Other than the warm up there are no traditional gym machines!

My goals are:
Be able to throw Chai around easily (he's 21 kg's).
Have a fitness program that I enjoy and can do long term.
Feel healthy and fit.
Have more energy.

You'll note there are no weight related goals. The way I see it is this. Weight is irrelevant. If I'm exercising regularly, eating clean and feeling good, then my weight will sort itself out. 

My starting point isn't wonderful and it isn't terrible. I'm 69.3kg's with 24% body fat. I didn't get all my measurements, I'll get them and update my post when I have them.

Whilst I've done plenty of exercise in the past, I've done nothing since falling pregnant and having kids. I've never been a gym person, I've tried it in the past and it hasn't worked for me, so I was a little apprehensive and assumed that I'd use my membership to do classes instead of the gym, however the workout Kelly wrote for me is great, it's fun and nothing like the old style gym programs that I've had before.  

Here's the obligatory before photo (complete with weird side eye).
I trained three times this week. I did two gym sessions and one Grit class. Talking to one of the trainers Matt yesterday, I realised my plan of going six days a week was slightly ambitious, so next week I'll go three to four times, depending on how I feel. At the moment I am really, really sore. So sore that when I'm walking my legs give way and if I have to squat down there's no way I'm getting back up again. Even the backs of my hands are sore. Seriously, WTF?

Diet wise I've gone back to eating properly. I cook up a pile of veggies every two to three days and use them as a base for meals. For lunches I add in tuna, beetroot, cheese etc to make a salad and for dinner I'll mix in some rice or pasta. It's easy and healthy. I've cut out the daily chocolate and iced coffee and am allowing myself one treat day a week. 

So far so good. I'll be back with another progress report in a week or two. 

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