Monday, 7 September 2015

August empties

I finished so many products this month, go me!
Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion - The only thing that would make this better is if it smelled good. This is my go to winter moisturiser because it's super hydrating and I don't get cold waiting for my moisturiser to dry. 

Target Body Polish - I've raved about this enough, it's awesome.

Appeles Willow Bark Hand and Body Wash -This came free with a magazine. It smells gorgeous, I'd buy it again if I saw it in store. 

Snappy Jaws Toothpaste -The boys use natural toothpaste, this is one of their favourites because it tastes nice. 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - An old favourite, I always have a tube in my stash.

Coconut Revolution Coconut Make-up Remover Lotion - I quite liked this. It's light, removes all my make-up easily and doesn't irritate my eyes.

Biyani Organics Petigrain and Rosehip Gentle Scrub - Love, love, love. Biyani Organics products are beautiful.

Coconut Revolution Day Cream and Night Cream - Nice but not amazing.

Hourglass Veil Primer - This gets so many raves. Perhaps the little bottle wasn't enough for me to give it a decent try. I have another bottle so I'll use that before I make a judgement.

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum - This is a holy grail for me, if you have dry skin you need to try it.

Younique Eyeshadow sample - Surprisingly nice. 

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser - I've got through so many bottles of this that I've lost count. It's a good, gentle cleanser that I pick up whenever it's on sale. You can read my review of it here.

Coconut Revolution Coconut Intensive Hydrating Serum - Whilst I was waiting for my bottle of Clarins HydraQuench serum to arrive, I used the Coconut Revolution Serum and was very surprised that it performed nearly as well as my beloved Clarins serum.

Kmart Body Polish - See above.

Crabtree and Evelyn Avocado, Olive and Basil Shower Gel - Did the job.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo - Both my hairdresser and I were surprised at how great this shampoo is. It really made my hair straighter and less frizzy. I normally only buy salon shampoo and conditioner but I'll definitely be repurchasing this one.

Garnier Beauty Oil Scrub - Love, love, love. One of my favourite body scrubs.

Avado Baby Naturals Bath and Body Wash - Sensitive skinned people will love this one. I use it on the boys and it's super gentle, it doesn't sting the eyes and works well as a shampoo too.

Skinstitut Moisture Defense Moisturiser - I'm so sad I've finished this. I'm nearly out of my Skinstitut serum too, so I'll be replacing them both soon.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask -I've been using this as a night cream and my skin has been loving it. I use it a few times a week, it's magic. The whole HydraQuench range is amazing.

Samples - They were all okay but not remarkable. 

The products above and below are all tosses. Special mention goes to the Maybelline Color Drama lipstick in Minimalist, it's awful. The other Color Drama's go on beautifully but Minimalist is patchy and horrible.
This month I said goodbye to my favourite Innoxa eye liner. They don't seem to make it anymore, which is a real shame because it's amazing. I've had mine for over 12 months and even though it's still going strong, I tossed it for hygiene reasons. I've been trawling through my eye liner stash trying to find something else I love and tossing those that I don't love. I haven't found anything I like as much as the Innoxa liner, but hopefully I'll have something similar in my stash.

I've got rid of quite a few eye liners now so I'll do an updated eye liner stash post soon. You can see my eye liner declutter post here.

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