Friday, 11 September 2015

FFS Friday or not

Hello Friday! I have nothing to complain about. How did that happen? That's not true, I do have things to complain about but I can't be bothered. Instead I'm going to talk about health checks. Yep, fun times.

This week one of my dear friends had a mastectomy. Thankfully she checked her breasts regularly, the lump was caught quickly and the cancer was confined to her milk ducts so she won't require chemo. When was the last time you checked your breasts? I know I get lazy about it, not anymore.

Wednesday I had my bi-annual pap smear. Not fun. But necessary.
Many years ago I had grade three pre cancerous cells on my cervix. It was picked up during my routine pap smear. The cells were the size of a 10 cent piece, I had them burned off and ten years later was given the all clear. Imagine if I hadn't bothered having pap smears? I might not be here right now. 

Go get your health checks. They might be uncomfortable but they're worth the discomfort. A few minutes discomfort is better than the alternative, I can imagine that cancer treatment would involve a lot more than a few minutes of discomfort.

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