Wednesday, 3 September 2014

T2 Haul

When we went to the city a few weeks ago I paid a very quick visit to T2. It had to be quick because I always manage to spend a great deal of money there and I was trying not to. I was very restrained and only picked up four teas.

I got Cocoa Loco, Tummy Tea, Just Rose and Pai Mu Tan (white tea).

Cocoa Loco tastes just like chocolate, it's as close to chocolate as you can get without eating chocolate. 

Tummy Tea is my favourite out of the four that I bought. It tastes beautiful and is very soothing for an upset belly. Chai loves it too. 

Just Rose is exactly what you'd expect, a lovely, rose tea. I like this as much for the aroma as for the taste. 

Pai Mu Tan is a tea that I always have in my cupboard. If you are a fan of green tea but find that it can be too strong, you'll love this one.

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