Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dear Eljay

My beautiful boy. Today you are 13 months old! You're now walking 95% of the time. From the day you turned one you decided you'd walk all the time. You're really fast, I can see that you'll be running soon.

You are a nature lover and love to be outside. As soon as you wake up you'll point to the door and want to go outside, then get really upset when I say no. Speaking of which, you've got my stubbornness and just like me you are very strong willed. Sorry about that.

If left to yourself you'll happily spend ages in the sand pit, you dig around and have a great time in there. You're starting to stand up for yourself more and will scream or react when Chai upsets you. You also tell on Daddy. If Daddy doesn't give you what you want you come to me then point to him and show me what you want that he won't give you, it's so cute. 

You have beautiful big eyes with long eyelashes, so I'm regularly getting asked if you are a girl, even though you are usually wearing blue.

You are a beautiful, happy, cheerful little soul.

My precious boy, you are my reason for living, I'm so lucky to be your Mum. 

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