Friday, 12 September 2014

FFS Friday - Samsung saga

WooHoo! Look at me! I'm on time for a change!

For about five years now hubby and I have had Samsung mobile phones. They've had minor issues but nothing too serious.

Saturday I unplugged my phone from the charger, went to close the charging cover and it broke. FFS.

Bloody annoying but it's only a few months old, under warranty and we have phone insurance so no problem. Not FFS.

Tiger called Telstra to arrange to get it fixed and they said they'd call us back. They didn't. FFS.

Monday we went into the Telstra store who said that the phone would need to be sent away to get fixed and that they don't have any loan phones. FFS.

That would leave me without a phone for two weeks, whilst hubby is away. Not an option. FFS.

We asked if we could get the phone replaced as it's under warranty but they said no. FFS.

When we got home Tiger called Telstra to see if they would replace the phone and that's where things really went pear shaped. FFS.

They told us that the phone cover isn't included in the warranty and that the charging cover is considered to be part of the cover. FFS.

Really, WTF? FFS.

They've had a lot of problems with the charging covers, so clearly it's a manufacturers issue but they won't fix it? FFS.

So then we asked if we could claim it under the insurance. It's worth noting that we didn't ask for or want phone insurance, we were signed up for it without consultation and only found out we had it when we questioned the charges on our bill. FFS.

We were told that to claim the insurance it'd cost us $180. WTF? FFS!

The charging cover is broken off which means my phone is no longer water resistant. FFS. 

Great. FFS.

Tuesday I get a phone call from Telstra saying they were returning my phone call. I hadn't phoned them so the lady I spoke to said she'd just check my account anyway since I was already on the phone. I told her about the issue I'd had with my phone so she put me through to another department. The lady I spoke to there told me that I could get the phone replaced and it wouldn't cost me anything. Not FFS.

She then put me through to the Stay Connected department who told me that the charging cover is a known issue that's covered by warranty. WTF? Even better, they had no record of talking to Tiger the day before. FFS.

So after all that drama, my phone is covered by warranty, it's being replaced and a new one arrived yesterday. Not FFS.

I have other stuff to whine about but really, after all that I can't be bothered typing it.

If you've had any FFS worthy moments, tell me all about them. If you'd like to read more whinges head over to Sarah's blog.

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