Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Who's looking for an excuse to buy a new lipstick? I know I am and Bright Pink Lipstick Day is the perfect excuse. 

Next Friday the 26th of September is Pink Hope's Bright Pink Lipstick Day. If, like me, you don't know about Pink Hope, here's what they are about:

The mission and objectives of Pink Hope are to:
  • Empower and encourage all women to be proactive and vigilant with their hereditary breast and ovarian health – by understanding and assessing their own personal risk
  • Provide a safe haven of information and support to the high risk community to help manage and navigate their risk
  • Advocate for the high risk community and instigate discussions relevant to high risk families
  • Give each high risk individual the tools and resources to be in charge of their health and discuss their options with healthcare professionals
  • Aim to reduce the impact of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer through the known high risk population through awareness, education and support
  • To raise the awareness of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
If you'd like to support Pink Hope it's easy. All you do is buy a Pink Hope lipstick from Priceline or online from Pink Hope for $19.95 and all proceeds go to the Pink Hope Charity. As an added bonus, the Pink Hope lipstick is from Luma by Jess Hart, so you get to try out a product from her new line (which is launching soon!)

If you buy a Pink Hope lipstick, take a photo, post it online and use the hashtag #brightpinklipstickday.  

Pink Hope calls on all Australians to make a promise to Kiss & Tell by talking about their family health history, specifically the rise of breast and ovarian cancer.

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