Friday, 19 September 2014

FFS Friday - All about the bass

There haven't been any comments on my blog for at least three weeks now and I was starting to wonder what was going on. FFS.

I came to the conclusion that my posts have been so awesome you've all been left speechless. Heh.

I discovered this wasn't true early this week when Intense Debate suddenly decided it'd show me all the comments that were waiting for approval. FFS.

Some of them were seven weeks old! FFS.

Why Intense Debate decided to hide them I'll never know. FFS.

So to all of you who I've ignored for the last seven weeks, SORRY! 

I'm pretty sure I'm dying from hayfever, so if you don't hear from me next week, you'll know the hayfever won. FFS.

I complained to Tiger that my hayfever was killing me, in front of Chai. Big mistake. FFS.

The poor little thing got so upset thinking I was dying. FFS.

It took me ages to convince him that I was only joking. Won't be saying anything like that again. FFS.

I really want to get the Pink Hope lipstick this year. I hadn't thought it'd be a problem as they are sold at Priceline. Just to be sure, I rang my local store who told me that they have them but they won't be available to buy until next Thursday as they are in the catalogue (that starts next Thursday). Considering Pink Hope day is Friday that seems a little strange, so I tweeted Priceline. It went down like this:

Clearly they didn't read my tweet. FFS

Not helpfull at all Priceline! FFS.

In episode 312,258 of things that only happen when I'm flying solo, yesterday Chai got gastro. FFS.

Thankfully he has yet to develop the "I am a sick male so therefore I am dying" act. Not FFS.

Having said that, trying to look after my sick, crying little boy and Eljay at the same time was not fun. FFS.

Typically, this also occurred when my whole support network are unable to help, so I had to deal with it alone. We managed. FFS/Not FFS.

Things I never thought I'd say as a parent episode three:


Keep your bottom away from your brothers face.

No, I do not like having your naked bottom in my face or on top of my head.

No honey, we don't eat flies, I don't think they'd taste very good.

Keep your head away from my bottom!

Please stop putting your head in between my legs.

GET YOUR MOUTH OFF MY BOTTOM!!!!! (I yelled that one too due to my bottom being naked at the time).

I'll leave you all to ponder what on earth was going on with that last one (if you really want to know ask and all shall be revealed, heh, see what I did there?)

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