Friday, 26 September 2014

FFS Friday

You may remember me complaining last week about not being able to buy the Pink Hope lipstick from Priceline. After my tweets on Thursday someone from Priceline's customer service section contacted me. They arranged for a Pink Hope lipstick to be put aside for me but they totally missed the point. FFS.

The whole point was not only did I want to buy the lipstick, but that they have said the lipstick is available last week and yet my local store was withholding it. FFS.

It's all about raising money for a charity and yet my store only had the lipstick available from yesterday, which is the day before Bright Pink Lipstick day. That's stupid. FFS.

They were selling it at other Priceline stores now, so why weren't they selling it at my store? So what if it's in the catalogue that started yesterday? FFS.

I went into the store yesterday and they only had four lipsticks. FFS.

We always miss out in the country. FFS.

The weather here has been warming up considerably. FFS.

We had 16 degrees one day and the next day it was 28. FFS.

Saturday it was 30 so I pulled out all my summer clothes and was planning to wash them on Sunday. It rained all day Sunday. FFS/Not FFS.

The FIL is still in hospital. FFS.

Tiger wants to go and visit him, I don't want to. FFS.

I'm debating whether I should refuse to go up to visit. There's the reasonable side of me that says if it was my Dad I'd want to see him, then there's the other side that says I'm sick to death of going to the city and I just want to have a whole two weeks at home with my husband. FFS.

There are so many things we need to do around the house that I can't do myself and Tiger hasn't had the chance to do cause we've been spending so much time in the city. FFS.

It's looking like FIL will be transferred to his local hospital in the next few days so I'm hoping that means we will get to stay home. Not FFS.

Not sure when I turned into a boring old homebody. FFS.

That's it for my whining this week. If you've had any FFS worthy moments please tell me all about them. If you'd like to read more whinges, head over to Sarah's blog.

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