Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Latest ASOS purchases

I love ASOS for their cheap makeup. I bought a few maternity clothes from them and the quality wasn't great, so I'm not sure I'll buy clothes from them again, however I regularly check to see what makeup they have. They get things ages before they are released in Australia and they are usually a lot cheaper too.
I received my latest haul last week so thought I'd share it.
How cute is this owl lip balm? They had a blue and silver one too. I wanted the blue one but got the gold one because it was supposed to be choc caramel flavoured but it's not, it's raspberry which I'm a little disappointed about. I considered sending it back, but I'm going to keep it and just buy a blue one as well.

I've wanted the Bourjois Bronzing Primer for ages but it's not available here. I've been watching ASOS and they finally got it in, so I bought it straight away before they sold out. It smells gorgeous, coconutty and lovely. I'm absolutely hopeless when it comes to bronzing and contouring so it'll be interesting to see if I'm any better with a liquid bronzer.
It looks a little scary in the pot, but I swiped some on before I had a shower and was pleased to see that it blends in and is barely noticeable.
Another product I've been excited about is the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Shine lipsticks. They will be out here soon (they might already be available), however I'm sure they will cost a lot more than what I paid for them ($14.77)
I also bought the famous Korres Jasmine lip butter. I tried the lip butters many years ago when they were first released. When I say years ago I really mean years ago, they were so new that I had to order them from Greece! Anyhow, I didn't like them, I found them to be really light and not at all hydrating. They get such rave reviews though, so I thought I'd give them another go. I love the colour of Jasmine and it smells amazing too, not at all like Jasmine, it smells foody to me.

The Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm is something I've had my eye on for ages because I'm obsessed with chubby lip products and need to own all of them. 
Another photo of the owl cause it's so cute.

Is there anything else I should look at from ASOS? If you'd like a review of anything I bought, please let me know.

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  1. I would love to see a FOTD with the bronzer and the Bourjois lippy please! I really want the damn bronzer. It looks like caramel fudge haha.


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