Friday, 1 November 2013

FFS Friday - Late again!

So I'm late with my FFS Friday post again. FFS.

If I keep this up I'll have to start calling it FFS Saturday, but that just doesn't sound the same. We were away from Thursday to this afternoon (Saturday), so I didn't get the chance to post. Rest assured, the time away gave me plenty off FFS Friday fodder so next weeks post is going to be a doozy. 

I mentioned last week that Eljay has started screaming whenever we're in the car. FFS.

It's really, really horrible and makes me want to stay home all the time. FFS.

The poor little bub gets so upset that I'm convinced he's going to be emotionally scarred by the experience. FFS.

I have no idea how to spell scarred, so I've either said he's going to be emotionally scarred or emotional scared. Either is probably appropriate. FFS.

I'm emotionally scarred from it too and will probably require years of counseling. FFS.

If I could drink I'm sure that would negate the need for counseling, but I can't. FFS.

There's one thing worse than Eljay screaming in the car and that's when he stops screaming. FFS.

Every time he stops screaming I'm convinced that he's dead. FFS.

I imagine all sorts of things. Did he vomit and choke on it? Did he choke on his saliva? Did he choke on his tears? Did he pass out with the stress? Did his little heart give up because he got so worked up? FFS.

I get so worried that I contemplate pulling over to check that he's okay, but I don't want to prolong the journey any longer so I drive along dithering about whether I should stop or not. FFS.

It's a huge relief when he starts crying again cause at least I know he's alive. FFS.

Despite hearing how upset Eljay gets, Tiger was of the opinion that "he'll get used to it" (being in the car). FFS.

It wasn't until he actually got Eljay out of the car and saw how distressed he was that he changed his mind. FFS.

When we go out Tiger drives, so when we arrived at the shopping centre last Saturday I asked him to get Eljay out because I thought he could get to him faster. (Eljay is on the same side as Tiger). I should have known better FFS.

Tiger is so bloody slow, he's like an old woman. FFS.

In the time it took him to get out of the car and open the back door I'd got out, unbuckled Chai from his seat, put his shoes on and got him out of the car. FFS.

Meanwhile Tiger hadn't even got Eljay out of the car, he was just talking to him and trying to comfort him whilst the poor little thing was in his seat screaming. FFS.

Next time I'll just get him out myself. FFS.

I have a thing for cups. Both Dad and I love a good mug. We are always on the hunt for a great mug and will often buy mugs for each other when we discover a good one. Not FFS.

For my birthday Dad gave me two beautiful cups. I was hesitant to use them in case they got broken, however I believe that there's no point having nice things if you don't use them, so I've been using them. Not FFS.

I've been hand washing them because I didn't want to risk putting them in the dishwasher. Tuesday I put one of my precious cups in the dishwasher for the first time. You can see where this is going can't you? FFS.

Chai was helping me unpack the dishwasher and before I could beat him to it he picked up my special cup and somehow broke the handle off it. FFS.

Then, trying to help, he picked up the broken handle and cut himself on it. FFS.

I tried my best not to show him that I was upset because he didn't do it on purpose and I know he was only trying to help, but really, why do boys break everything they touch? FFS.

I suppose I have to resign myself to years of not having any nice things because I'm surrounded by males. FFS.

To my great frustration Tiger has decided that he needs a new car. FFS.

He doesn't need a new car. FFS.

In the seven years that we've been together Tiger has had six cars. FFS.

When he bought the ute that he has now he told me it was going to be the last car that he bought. FFS.

I didn't believe him and I was right as he's now decided that he needs a different car. FFS.

Considering we've just bought a house and got a mortgage, I really don't think it's a good time to buy a new car, especially when there is nothing wrong with the car he has now. FFS.

His car barely gets used. When he's away it sits in a car park and when he's home it sits in our driveway and we use the family car. FFS.

In typical Tiger fashion, when he's decided on something he's obsessed with it until he's got what he wants. FFS.

So he's constantly trawling the internet, auto trader and newspapers for cars and telling me all about them, like I give a damn. FFS.

Also in typical Tiger fashion, he's not going for a reasonably priced car, he's decided that he needs one worth about $30 grand. Fucking brilliant. FFS.

It's times like these that I feel like he's sinking us further and further into debt. FFS.

The worst bit is there is nothing I can do about it. FFS.

I can just see something happening to him and me being left with huge amounts of debt that I can't pay off so having to sell everything and live in a horrible little rental with my babies. FFS.

Time to get some life insurance! FFS.

Now that you've read all my complaints, head over to Sarah's blog to see what everyone else has to complain about. 

Dear Baby G

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