Monday, 18 November 2013

Clearasil Vitamins And Extracts Scrub

It's been many years since I used a Clearasil product however I was intrigued when I received this to trial so into my shower it went. At first I was hesitant as I've always thought Clearasil products were for people with acne so I didn't think it would be suitable for me, however I quite like it.

This is a product that both Tiger and I use. I like to stock my shower with a few reasonably priced products that both Tiger and I can use, it saves space in the shower, means I get through products quicker and that Tiger isn't using my expensive products. The reason I don't like Tiger using my expensive products is he uses so much of them! He has no hair so uses his face wash all over his head as well as on his face. You can imagine how quickly he uses things up. 

Clearasil says: Gentle exfoliating scrub with a scientific balance of effective cleansing and skin-kind ingredients. Vitamin E and avocado extracts known for their skin nourishing properties, pomegranate fruit extract, an anti-oxidant known to help keep skin looking healthy. Use every day in the morning and evening for visibly clearer skin.

I use my Vitamins and Extracts scrub once a day, in the mornings as I use a make-up remover at night. I normally use cream cleansers so this is quite different to what I'd normally use, but I don't mind it. It cleans effectively without leaving my skin squeaky clean (which I hate). The scrub particles are smooth and there aren't a lot of them, so I wouldn't use it in place of my regular face scrub, however used daily it does the job. 

Whilst this cleanser isn't really for me, Tiger loves it. He loves that it cleans his skin and the scrubby bits make him feel like he's really cleaned the day off. As someone who works outdoors, Tiger likes to use a face scrub every day so that he feels like he's got all the dirt off and Vitamins and Extracts Scrub gives him that feeling without stripping his skin too much. 

Vitamins and Extracts Scrub costs $10.99 for a 150ml flip top tube.
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