Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bits and Pieces

For those of you who don't live near a Myer store, I've discovered something wonderful! You can ring the cosmetic counters and they'll send products out to you. How good is that! So if the product you want isn't available online, you just call the counter and they'll post it to you. Even better, if you spend over $100, shipping is free!
You also get your rewards points with the purchase and they are more than happy to hold things until everything you want is in stock, which is great when you want limited edition items.

NYX are slowly rolling out to Target stores across Australia. If you want to know whether they are coming to your local store, they have a list of the stores they're at on their Facebook page and they will even tell you when they will be in your local store.

Fountain Cosmetics have a great offer at the moment. If you buy $100 worth of products, they will give you $100 worth of product free. 

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