Friday, 29 November 2013

FFS Friday

It's Friday! I hope you have all had a great week and have a wonderful weekend planned. We're having friends over which I'm really looking forward to. 

Last Friday afternoon Chai was helping Tiger water the lawn. When Tiger wasn't looking Chai decided the house needed watering. FFS.

Unfortunately he had great aim and watered through the open door, into the dining room, all over the dining table, chairs and floor. FFS.

ChapStick Limited Edition 3 Stick Gift Packs
Now for the Chapstick saga!

Chapstick have released some limited edition lip balms for christmas. They come in a gorgeous little tin and I need them. Do you think I can get them? No! FFS.

My fellow lip balm addict Emma needs them too and we have both been on the hunt. FFS.

I can't complain about Chapsticks customer service as it's non existent. FFS.

After Emma and I leaving many messages on their Instagram post they finally got back to us and told us that the tins are only available at selected Priceline stores and if we FB message them our postcode they'll tell us which stores have them. That was last Thursday. Neither of us have heard back. FFS.

The tins are in the latest Priceline catalogue so you'd think they would be available both online and in store, but they aren't. FFS.

When I asked at my Priceline they said that there was an apology and they don't know when they'll be available. FFS.

I emailed the PR company who deal with Chapstick and told them that I want to buy the balms but can't find them anywhere. They told me that the tins are available at Priceline and pharmacies Australia wide. I already knew that. FFS.

They were helpful in that they gave me the stockist phone number. Not FFS.

I called the number and got Woolworths. FFS.

Undeterred I got onto the Pfizer website (they own Chapstick) and went to their contact section. It's blank. FFS.

I need these balms! FFS.

It shouldn't be this hard to spend money! FFS.

I still have a cold. FFS.

It just won't go away, it's been over a week now. FFS.

One of the many reasons we moved to the country is so that the boys could have a freer, safer life. Since we got here, three bombs have been found. FFS.

To my eternal frustration Chai thinks it's funny to wake up Eljay. FFS.

He has perfect timing. FFS.

He waits until I've just got Eljay settled in bed then comes and wakes him up. FFS.

When Tiger is home it's not usually a problem, but when he's away I spend all day putting Eljay to sleep. FFS.

That's the end of my weekly whinge. If you haven't had enough whinging, head over to Sarah's blog and see what everyone else has been whinging about. 

Dear Baby G

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