Friday, 6 September 2013

FFS Friday - See Saw

A few weeks ago the PILs came to stay. FFS.

I didn't think their bed had been made so I asked Tiger and he said that it had. I knew this needed further clarification so I questioned him further and found out that he hadn't checked but that it 'looks made'. FFS.

I figured that if it wasn't made the PILs would tell us. Silly me. FFS.

The next day I was walking past their room and I noticed that not only did the bed have no sheets on it, there were also no pillow slips. They hadn't bothered to say anything and had just slept on the bare mattress with a blanket over the top of them. FFS.

I mentioned this to Tiger who then asked FIL why they hadn't told us the bed wasn't made to which FIL replied "I didn't notice". FFS.

How the hell can you not notice you are sleeping on an unmade bed? FFS.

Upon investigation I discovered that this was a lie as they had placed hand towels over the pillows, so they had clearly noticed the bed wasn't made. FFS.

We were supposed to go down south last weekend. I was really looking forward to it. Thursday Chai got sick. FFS.

Not only did he get a very nasty cough he also got an eye infection and had pussy mucous coming out of his eyes. FFS.

We didn't get to go away. FFS.

I tried as hard as I could to keep him away from Eljay, but it was nearly impossible and on Sunday he started getting all blocked up. FFS.

We took Chai to the Dr on Friday because his eyes were looking really bad. We couldn't get into our Dr so went to the after hours Dr at another surgery. They gave us eye drops that we were supposed to put in his eyes four times a day. As if it's possible to get a 2 1/2 year old to stay still long enough to put drops in his eyes. FFS.

Wednesday we had to take him to our Dr to get ointment as it was impossible to put drops in his eyes. FFS.

He told us that not only had we been given the wrong diagnosis regarding Chai's eyes, it was ridiculous to expect us to put drops in his eyes. He also told us that the after hours Dr surgery has a bad reputation. FFS.

The only positive is that they bulk bill for children so it didn't cost us anything. Not FFS.

With both boys being sick it suddenly occurred to me that I am the only female in a house full of males. FFS.

I further realised that I have many, many years of man flu to deal with. FFS.

Having a ravenous beast (aka newborn) I spend a lot of time sitting down feeding at the moment. Someone has taught Chai about having a seesaw ride on my foot so every time I cross my legs he wants a seesaw. FFS.

Not being able to cross my legs makes breastfeeding rather difficult as I cross my legs to raise bub up to boob height. FFS.

If you are wondering why I don't use a pillow, I do, but everytime, without fail, Chai steals it and throws it out of reach. FFS.

If I find out who taught Chai about seesaws I will break both their knees! FFS.

Our new house was built by people with older children so the kitchen is not very child proof. FFS.

Most of it I can deal with, however the microwave has become a problem. The problem is that Chai can reach it and start it. FFS.

So whenever something is cold he decides it needs heating up. FFS.

Lately strawberries have been too cold, so I'm often finding fried strawberries in the microwave. FFS.

If it's not strawberries it's his toy cars. FFS.

I now have to leave the microwave switched off. FFS.

I haven't had a poo story for a while, has anyone missed them?

Somehow I'd managed to forget about all the poo explosions that newborns have. FFS.

Wednesday night, actually, to be more accurate it was 2am Thursday morning, Eljay did a huge poo. FFS.

I changed his nappy, wrapped him up again and he promptly did another huge poo. FFS.

I unwrapped him, took the nappy off and was just putting another nappy on when he did another huge poo. FFS.

It was a projectile poo that spurted out all over me, all over the bed and all over Eljay. FFS.

So there I was at 2am taking off the doona cover, cleaning the bed, totally changing Eljay and cleaning up myself. What fun. FFS.

After that it took me ages to get him back to sleep. I finally got him back to sleep and was just falling asleep again (at 6am), when Chai came running in to say good morning. FFS.

Needless to say that put an end to any hopes I had of getting some sleep. FFS.

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