Monday, 30 September 2013

Thoughts of the Month

1. At the start of the month Tiger and his best friend saved someone who had hung himself. They literally saved his life. His fiancee came home and found him hanging so she ran out the front screaming for help. Tiger was in the front yard so he called out to his best friend and they went over there, got him down, took the rope from his neck and got him breathing again. 

I feel so sad for both of them, him for being in the mental state where he felt suicide was the only option and her for having to go through that. It makes me very grateful for the life that I have. 

2. More and more I believe that the FIFO lifestyle isn't worth the sacrifices that we make.

3. Living in the country is everything I hoped it would be and more. To my great relief Tiger loves it here too. I knew that I'd be happy because my family is here, but I was worried that he wouldn't like it. Thankfully he is very happy here.

4. One of the things I really love about living here is that people drop in for a visit. That never happened in Perth. It's lovely having company, I feel so much less isolated here than I did in the city.

5. I really don't miss living in the city.

6. I am obsessed with this song at the moment.

7. For the first time ever I had a coconut mocha. It was all sorts of awesome. 

8. I got a coffee machine this month and I'm totally in love with it. It's one of those fully automatic posh ones. I've wanted one for years but never been willing to part with $2500 to get one. This one came from Harvey Norman Seconds and only cost $700 (instead of $2300). That just shows how much of a profit they usually make.

9. Poor Chai had hand, foot and mouth disease this month. The poor little tacker was so miserable. When he started getting better I discovered that he's a typical male, full of complaints. I've realised that if all three men in my house get sick at the same time I'm going to have to move out.

10. I really feel like getting fit again. I used to be super fit, but the last few years I haven't done any exercise at all. I really enjoyed being fit, it's time to get back there again.

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