Friday, 20 September 2013

FFS Friday - Toddler Wrangling

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Friday is here! For me that means nothing as I barely know what day it is. It does mean that we are closer to Tiger getting home and that's a very good thing. 

My Mum has been staying for the last two weeks to help out whilst Tiger is away. Not FFS.

I'm afraid that Toilet Germs are going to over run the house. FFS.

I'd forgotten that she likes to read in the toilet so failed to hide my magazines. FFS.

I only realised my error when I saw her taking my brand new magazine, that I hadn't even opened yet, into the toilet. FFS.

My brand new magazine ended up contaminated with Toilet Germs and had to be discarded. FFS.

Chai's behaviour has been rather challenging lately. FFS.

Monday he bit me. FFS.

As usual, he picked the most painful spot, my inner thigh. FFS.

He bit hard enough that he left a bruise. FFS.

It was also hard enough that I instinctively yelled and pushed him away. FFS.

When I was pushing him away my finger went in his eye and made it all red and weepy. FFS.

At the time I was in the middle of feeding Eljay. FFS.

And we were in Dome so plenty of people saw. FFS.

Parent of the year, here I come. FFS.

I can't use my computer when Chai is awake. FFS.

Everytime I sit down to blog, read emails, pay bills etc Chai decides that he wants a CudCul (cuddle). FFS.

He doesn't really, he just wants to sit on my knee so that he can play with the computer. FFS.

I am currently typing this in my bedroom. The computer is on the bed, I'm using two magazines as my mouse pad and I'm kneeling next to the bed. FFS.

It's not very comfortable. FFS.

Last week we changed our internet provider as Westnet couldn't give us ADSL2. I've been with Westnet for about ten years. FFS.

Changing means that I now have a different email address. FFS.

That was my mail email that I used for all my official business. FFS.

I have no idea who has that email address and what emails I will no longer receive. FFS.

Because we cancelled our internet, we also had to cancel Fetch TV. FFS.

I have recorded all Chai's shows on the Fetch TV box and now they're all gone. FFS.

Chai is doing his best to smother his new brother with love. FFS.

And when I say smother, I mean literally. FFS.

I can't leave Eljay unsupervised as he is at risk of being squashed by Chai. FFS.

I have to lock him in the theater room to sleep as its the the only room with a door that Chai can't open. FFS.

Chai has got to the age where he fights his mid day nap. FFS.

Frankly I can't be bothered fighting with him, so unless he falls asleep himself I don't bother trying to get him to have a nap. FFS.

Sunday he fell asleep cuddling me on the lounge. Not FFS.

The only problem was he didn't have a nappy on. FFS.

Ever tried to put a nappy on a sleeping child? It's bloody difficult, but I managed it, clever me. Not FFS.

Our new house has a pool. I didn't bother learning how to take care of the pool cause that's Tiger's job. The pool is now looking rather green. FFS.

Tiger isn't home for another seven days. FFS.

By that time the pool will probably be a teeming mess of fungus. FFS.

I went outside and had a look around but I couldn't even find the controls for the pool. FFS.

Suppose I should have learned how to take care of it. Oops. FFS.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of my weekly whinge. Now that you've had a good laugh at my expense, head on over to Sarah's blog and see what everyone else is whingeing about.
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