Monday, 9 September 2013

Dear Chai

My beautiful boy. Today you are two and a half years old. I always hoped that I'd be lucky enough to be a mum and you made all my dreams come true. Having you has bought so much joy to my life. The last two and a half years have gone so fast and yet I feel like you've been with me forever. 

You are so big now, you are a little boy and not my baby (you'll always be my baby). You are so cute. I watch you and can't believe you are the little baby that grew in my belly. Every day you talk more and more, you're very good at getting your message across and telling me what you want.

You continue to amaze me with your intelligence, kindness and all round amazingness. You've been through a lot of changes lately and you've coped with them really well. You love being a big brother, you always want to hold Eljay and you run to comfort him when he cries.

You take everything in, even when you appear not to be listening you are and you remember what you've seen and heard. You only have to see something once to remember it. A little while ago Dad and I were talking. He was telling me that he wanted some Eagles things so you went to the shelf where his Eagles card is and bought it to him. Clever little man.  

Riding your bike, electric car and electric motorbike are you favourite things to do, you have boundless energy and are always running around exploring. You love cars and have lots of matchbox cars which you play with constantly. There is always a car with you, you won't go to sleep without a car in your hand, you hold tight to it whilst you are sleeping and usually wake up with it still clutched in your hand.

You are the light of my life and the sunshine in my day. Not a day goes past that I don't look at you and remember how lucky I am to have you in my life.  

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