Friday, 7 June 2013

FFS Friday - Who let the dogs out?

It's Friday! I would like to say I'm pleased that it's Friday but I'm not because the PILs are coming to stay this weekend, so I'm wishing that the weekend was over and it was Monday right now. Wish me luck surviving the weekend!

Firstly, I few things I've forgotten to mention in previous weeks. 

Remember ages ago when hubby bought me a tablet computer thingo? Well he got me a cover to go with it, no big deal. He has exactly the same cover in black and it cost $30, so he didn't even look at the price when he got mine. When I checked the receipt, it had cost $80. FFS.

Last week I had a package delivered whilst I was out. Mum was with me and we had 20 minutes to pick up the package before the post office closed. FFS.

I told Mum the name of the street that the post office was on and she said that we'd driven past it on our way home. I confirmed this with her twice and she was sure she knew where the street was, so I didn't bother checking my map. Should have known better. FFS.

We drive along and the street that we need is nowhere to be found. FFS.

By this time we have 15 minutes before the post office closes. I find the location and head off. When I get to the correct address all that's there is a chemist and a service station, no post office. FFS.

Turns out that the post office is inside the service station. Bizarre. That's the country for you. FFS.

There is now a For Sale sign out the front of our home. This displeases me greatly. FFS.

I see at least two people a day sitting out the front looking at the house. FFS.

For some reason the thought of people intruding in our home really, really bothers me. I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones or having had people coming through our old house for four months, but I am extremely disturbed and irritated at the thought of people coming through this house. It was supposed to be my private space for a while. FFS.

Saturday afternoon I was looking after my nephews whilst my SIL did her food shopping. The boys were playing in the toy room when I hear Chai's sweet little voice very clearly saying "Ass Hole". FFS.

The six year old thought it'd be funny to teach him. I set him straight about that idea! Now I'm just waiting for when Chai picks the most inappropriate time ever to say asshole. I know it's just a matter of time. FFS.

I haven't mentioned this before, but for the last six weeks Tigers roster has been all over the place. I haven't known how long he's going to be away or when he's coming home. FFS.

Thank goodness he is now back to his regular swing. Not FFS.

We didn't know when he'd be coming home, however on Monday evening we found out that he was coming home Tuesday. Not FFS.

Usually they fly him home in the afternoon and he gets here at 3.30pm. This time he didn't fly in until 9.30pm. FFS.

As Chai and I had dropped him off, we had to go and pick him up again. Due to the late arrival (way past Chai's bed time), we had to stay in Perth overnight. FFS.

It was really difficult to find a hotel room however Tiger finally found one at a three star hotel that we were told had been recently refurbished. I got there Tuesday evening and it was disgusting. FFS.

The walls were dirty, the room wasn't even big enough to fit a portacot, it was a double bed (not a queen like we'd been advised) so it wouldn't even fit the three of us and every time I moved the bed shifted. FFS.

Tiger rang and complained so they showed me two other rooms we could have (in the four star part of the hotel). One was $30 more and the other one was $80 more. FFS.

The first one they showed me was the one that was $30 more. It was up three flights of stairs with no lift access, the roof sloped so I couldn't stand upright anywhere other than right next to the bed and there were two flights of stairs inside the room that couldn't be blocked off and that Chai would have fallen down. FFS.

So we ended up in the room that cost $80 more. It wasn't a bad room, it had a spa and a king sized bed so at least we could sleep comfortably but it definitely wasn't worth the price that we paid. FFS.

It cost more than a room at the Hyatt! FFS.

And if that wasn't bad enough they wanted $15 extra to park the car in security parking. FFS.

By the time I got Chai and I settled in our room we were both tired and hungry. I couldn't be bothered going out to get tea so decided to get room service. The cheapest thing on the menu was chips and they cost $9.50. FFS.

You have to be joking me. $9.50 for chips! FFS.

As they'd already slugged me so much for the room I refused to pay a stupid price for chips so got us fish and chips for tea, which only cost $10.50. FFS.

Turns out that was a very bad decision. FFS.

I have reflux when I'm pregnant and this pregnancy it's been even worse than it was with Chai. There is medication that I can take but I don't want to, so I've been suffering and reminding myself that it's going to stop as soon as I have the baby. FFS.

I do have a great reflux oil that Audra made me however I can't find it at the moment. FFS.

The fish and chips gave me reflux so bad that I vomited. FFS.

I was sick all night, got barely any sleep and was in a lot of pain. FFS.

Finally in the early hours of the morning I managed to get to sleep, only to be woken at 5.30am when Tigers work alarm went off. FFS.

He'd forgotten to turn it off. FFS.

You'd think that he would have turned it off after it woke us up on Wednesday but he didn't and so it woke him and Chai up on Thursday. FFS.

Lucky for me, they were both sleeping in Chai's room so it didn't wake me up. Not FFS.

Now that Tiger is home we agreed to let the agent selling our home into the house. FFS.

To his credit, he is trying to do everything at once to minimise disruption to us, so this afternoon he is looking at the house for the first time, having photo's taken and showing through a prospective buyer. FFS.

Despite never having met us, he wanted us to let him into the house and then go out for half an hour, leaving him in the house to do what he wants. FFS.

Tiger made it very clear that there is no chance of that happening. As if we would give a stranger free run of our house! I can't believe he would even ask! FFS.

Now that you've read all my whinges for the week, head over to Sarah's blog and see what everyone else has to whinge about.  

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend :)

Dear Baby G

*For those of you who are wondering, the title has nothing at all to do with this post, but I couldn't think of anything else. 

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