Friday, 28 June 2013

FFS Friday - Not crafty mumma

Thank goodness we are on the countdown to when Tiger gets home, I've had enough of solo parenting!

In an effort to be a crafty mother I've been saving up toilet rolls so that I can make them into something fun for Chai to play with. I now have six sitting on the wall in our en-suite. Unfortunately I have no idea what to do with them, so will probably end up throwing them in the bin. Mummy fail. FFS.

Mum's been at it again over the weekend. You may remember I mentioned last week that she phoned and told me they were probably coming down on the weekend and she'd let me know. She didn't get back to me. FFS.

Friday my brother rang and said that Mum was coming down on Saturday and wanted us to organise something. FFS.

Clearly she still thinks we're her personal event planners. FFS.

The bro and I agreed that she could stay at my house and that we'd have tea at his house. He thinks she was just trying not to impose, however my SIL and I think it's rude for her to invite herself down and then expect us to arrange everything. FFS.

In the past she's just rung up, asked if she can come down and suggested we all get together so why she's been acting so strangely lately is a mystery to me. FFS.

It's becoming apparent that the agent selling our house is either incredibly stupid or deliberately trying to annoy us. FFS.

After he sent us the letter last week demanding access to the house, we sent him a letter telling him that he has no right to demand access to the house and that if he wants to come into the house he'll need to negotiate a suitable time and day with us. When he got the letter he phoned our property manager and told her that we are denying him access to the house. FFS.

Bloody liar. I spoke to her and told her what's really been going on. FFS.

If he had any brains he'd deal with us directly and not try to stir up trouble with the property manager. Making us angry just means that we'll make it more difficult for him to get into the house and will make no effort to tidy the house when he is bringing people through. Stupid man. FFS.

Chai loves dogs, he gets really excited whenever we see a dog and always wants to pat and play with them. He also copies what they do, specifically drinking from bowls of water on the floor and eating off the floor. FFS.

I haven't made a big deal of this because if I do then he'll just do it more, I'm hoping he'll forget about it soon. FFS.

Monday I was at Dome when he dropped some food on the floor, got down on his hands and knees and ate the food straight off the floor. FFS.

Naturally the place was packed so there were plenty of people who witnessed this. I pretended he wasn't my child. FFS.

I love winter, it's my favourite season. I always look forward to being able to wear my boots again. This week has been very wet so on Monday I got my boots out, only to discover that thanks to my belly I can't get my boots on. FFS.

This week has been a tough one with Chai. I'm not sure if he's missing his Dad or what it is, but he hasn't been sleeping well and he's been taking forever to get to sleep. FFS.

Tuesday night I had things to do after I put him to sleep, however he decided not to go to sleep. FFS.

I gave up after an hour and a half. FFS.

I then spent 15 minutes with him clinging to me and screaming in my ear whilst I hung out the washing, put the leftover dinner in the fridge and tried to get ready to go to bed. FFS.

In the end I put Chai on my bed and called Tiger so that I could go to the toilet and take my make-up off. Poor Tiger had to listen to Chai screaming whilst I went to the toilet, put on my pj's, took off my makeup and brushed my teeth. FFS.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Chai took another half an hour to get to sleep, woke up twice during the night then decided to start the day at 5.30am. FFS.

As there are only seven weeks left until bub number two is due, I've started to get my hospital bag ready. I bought some maternity pads and as soon as he saw them Chai went mad, telling me he wanted to cuddle them. FFS.

When we got home he watched me put them in the cupboard and immediately got them out and started cuddling them. FFS.

I regularly find him sitting on the lounge suite cuddling the packets. FFS.

Now that he's getting older we've been teaching Chai that he has control over his body and that he can tell people to stop when they are doing something he isn't comfortable with. We've taught him to say Stop when something is happening that he doesn't like. So if we are playing with him and he wants us to stop, he'll say "Snop" and we'll stop straight away, then when he wants to keep on playing he'll say "Go". This has been working really well, the only problem is he thinks this should apply to all situations, so when I'm washing his face or changing his nappy and he doesn't want me to he'll say "Snop". FFS.

I've explained to him that there are some things that we need to do to care for him that we will continue to do even if he says "Snop", however I'm not sure if he understands me or not. FFS. 

That concludes my weekly whinge. If you've made it this far, congratulations!

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