Friday, 17 May 2013

FFS Friday - What not to say to your pregnant wife

This week I discovered that Chai has the ability to wake the baby up and it's not even born yet! FFS.

This does not bode well for when the baby is born. FFS.

Tuesday morning when I woke up Tiger informed me I did a fart so bad that it woke him up. FFS.

That goes on the list of things not to say to your pregnant, hormonal wife. FFS.

Wednesday I went to the farmers market and bought a whole pile of glorious fresh fruit and veggies, including a watermelon for Chai. Not FFS.

When we got home I was washing it all and Chai was sitting on the bench helping. Before I could stop him he got the watermelon and rolled it off the bench onto the floor. FFS.

On the way down it hit his toy box. FFS.

As you can imagine, there was watermelon everywhere, it looked like strawberry shortcake had been brutally murdered. FFS.

Our property manager called yesterday to let us know that our house (which we only moved into five weeks ago) is now for sale. FFS.

You have to be fucking kidding me! I was just starting to feel settled and now this. FFS.

I know we have a lease so we are fine for twelve months, however the last thing I need is people looking through our house all the time. FFS.

After four months of weekly home opens, if they think I'm going through that again they are going to get a very rude shock. FFS.

I checked the tenancy act and I have to let them show people through the house, providing they give 'reasonable' notice, however 'reasonable' is not defined. FFS.

Frankly after the stress of selling our own home, moving, unpacking whilst being pregnant with a fifo husband and a two year old, I don't find people coming through the house reasonable at all. FFS.

It certainly won't be reasonable when I have a newborn! FFS.

There is no way I'm going to be cleaning the house and trying to keep it spotless all the time, they will just have to see the house as it is, dirty dishes, toys everywhere etc. FFS.

The selling agent has already contacted us wanting to arrange a time to come through to take photos. FFS.

Considering two of the rooms are full of boxes, he's going to have a lot of fun trying to take decent photos. Not my problem. FFS.

And that's my whinge for the week. As you read this I will be in Perth enjoying a relaxing time with Tiger and Chai before Tiger flies out again for who knows how long. Have a beautiful weekend everyone. 

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