Sunday, 5 May 2013

Project 100 Pan is Over!!!!!

I AM DONE!!!!! I'm so proud of myself. It's been a long and difficult journey but I have finally finished Project 100 Pan. I was expecting to take a few more weeks however this morning I finished three products and now I'm done!

It's a happy coincidence that I'm going to Perth tomorrow so I may purchase a few things I've had my eye on for a while, but I'm not planning a huge haul.

91. Matthew James Root Lift
92. Echolife Calcium Bentonite Clay
93. Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming shower gel
94. Auscreen Everyday sunscreen lotion
95. Busby Pure Tissue Oil
96. Healthy Care Super Body Oil
97. Ardell Brow Scuplting Gel
98. Firebird Almond Milk Perfume Oil
99. Lendan Beauty Flash
100. WotNot Travel Facial Wipes

If you read my FFS Friday posts you'll know that I broke P100P a little while ago. I did consider adding those products onto P100P but I decided not to, I think I've gone long enough and I really want this endless P100P to be over.

Where to now? We've moved towns so I no longer have easy access to products, if I want something I have to order it online and I am much less likely to do that as I am an impulse shopper. When we moved I got to see how huge my collection is, it's crazy. I don't have as much make-up as I thought I did, however I have a huge amount of lipsticks which I'll never get through before they go off. What really surprised me is the bath, body and skincare products I have. I didn't realise that I had so many. 

I'm going to organise them into categories and take photo's of everything so that I can use up what I've got. I think I've run out of something so replace it, when in reality I've already got it but don't realise. I am also considering listing everything so that I get to cross products off my list as I use them. 

Another thing I'm going to do is give away or throw out products that I don't like or don't work for me. That's half my problem. I'll buy something, use it and find I don't like it, but I think it's a waste to throw it out so I keep it. That's pointless and just means I end up with a heap of products sitting around. Now that I've moved I have more people I can give my unwanted products to, so I'm going to keep them in a box and when someone comes over they can go through the box. After a while anything that's left will go in the bin. 

As I photograph and list everything I'm also going to go through and have a good clean out. Anything that I don't like, don't use or is off will go. It's time to get strict and get rid of things. Plus, I don't want to have to move everything a second time when we move in a year. Hopefully by the time we move next I will only have one box of products. 

That's it. I'm done and don't plan on doing another project pan for a while. I shouldn't say that though because last time I did I started P100P the next day!

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