Monday, 6 May 2013

Carmex Peach Moisture Plus Lip Balm

It's no secret that Carmex is one of my favourite lip balms. I remember many, many years ago it was the first balm I found that healed my very dry, cracked lips. I'd tried every lip balm at the chemist and it wasn't until I asked the chemist if there was anything else I could use that he produced this pot of magic from behind the counter. It's been a staple in my collection ever since.
I love the new Moisture Plus balms and always have one in my handbag. (You can read my review of the clear and pink versions here.) I've been hoping that we would get more of the colours in Australia and now we have! I'm hoping we'll get the plum and berry versions soon too.
I usually can't wear peach tones however this version is very wearable. Instead of being a very bright peach it's a subtle peach with a slight coolness to it.
I'll update my post soon with a photo of Peach Tint on my lips. The photo that I took turned out all blurry and in the move I've misplaced my balm so can't retake the photos. Hopefully it will turn up soon! I suspect that Chai may have snaffled it as he is a lip balm addict just like his mummy.

Moisture Plus Lip Balm can be purchased for $8.95 from Chemists, Priceline and Supermarkets.

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