Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Thoughts of the month

1. I bought these Scunci Pin Twirls from Priceline, they are brilliant. They hold my fine hair all day which is a miracle. You twist them into your hair so there is no pulling or knotting and then you just twist them out again at the end of the day. Genius.

2. Watching TV online whilst in bed is awesome. Why I haven't been doing this for ages I don't know.

3. My Pop died this month. He was 102. When someone has lived that long you don't mourn their death, you celebrate their life. That's what they did for Pop. Instead of having a funeral they had a wake. Brilliant idea (it was mine).

4. My hatred of funerals means I've been thinking about what I want to happen when I die for years now. I don't want a funeral, I want a huge party. I want the juice spiked with vodka so that everyone gets drunk and I want them to play Another One Bites The Dust (how funny would that be!) and It's A Beautiful Life. I want people to have fun not to be sad. I'd like them to be happy that I lived not sad that I died and I want everyone to know that I was happy and had a good life. 

5. I think I'm an empath.

6. Moving house and towns is awful.

7. Being mortgage free is awesome. 

8. I have a fabulous new leopard print dressing gown, it's all kinds of awesome. My beloved previous dressing gown was over ten years old. With much regret I threw it away just after we moved. Days later I was wandering through KMart when I discovered my fabulous new dressing gown. Goes to prove the saying 'When one door closes'.

9. I can now say that I know someone famous. The lovely Sarah had an article published in The Australian and we all know what a sophisticated paper that is. You can read it here.  

10. You all need to try sweet potato chips. I love them and I don't even like sweet potato. Surprising but true.

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