Friday, 10 May 2013

FFS Friday - The Never Ending Telstra Saga

I mentioned before that my phone was in for repairs. I've been lost without it. FFS.

The phone I've been using is a crappy prepaid phone with a 2mp camera that can't even do video calls. FFS.

Last Friday I called the Telstra store to see if my phone was fixed. They didn't answer the phone. FFS.

Instead I got put through to the call centre. FFS.

I spoke to the call centre who told me that the phone had been sent to the store and gave me their direct number so I could call and ask if it was there. The number they gave me was disconnected. FFS.

I tried calling the store with the number in the white pages and again they didn't answer. FFS.

Undeterred (I was determined to find out where my phone was!) I rang the call centre back. After going through the whole process again the lady I spoke to told me that my phone had only been sent to the store that day so they wouldn't have received it yet. FFS.

I had to go past the Telstra store whilst I was out that morning and contemplated popping in to check if my phone was there however the size of the queue put me off. FFS.

I'd been home ten minutes when I got a call from the Telstra store telling me my phone was there. FFS.

When Chai woke up from his nap I went in, stood in line for 20 minutes listening to the guy who takes care of the queue be rude to his customers, picked up my phone and went home. When I got home the phone froze five times in ten minutes which is worse than it was before it was fixed! FFS.

I also noticed that it wasn't capable of making phone calls! FFS.

I called the Telstra shop. By some miracle they answered the phone and told me that I had to go back down there to get a new sim card. FFS.

It was 4.30pm by that time so I threw Chai in the car, raced down there and got a new sim card. FFS.

I hoped I wouldn't have to go back there any time soon! FFS.

Remember the fiasco with the auto electrical place last week? Well there's more to the story. 

I called the dealership (North City Holden) where we bought our car and asked them if they could get the part for me. They said that it'd take a few weeks and that they'd order it. They called me last Friday and said that they'd found me a part in Albany and it was ready whenever I wanted to bring the car up. Not FFS.

Guess how much it cost to repair? Nothing. It's under warranty. Not FFS.

Unsurprisingly the Telstra saga continues. FFS.

I'm really amazed at the difference in service you get from Telstra. Their phone staff are amazing, so helpful, easy to deal with and pleasant. Not FFS.

Their store staff are unhelpful, never seem to know what they are doing and make everything so difficult. FFS.

My phone has been getting worse and worse since it was fixed. Instead of just freezing it is now turning itself off (and sometimes on again) at random intervals and I regularly can't unlock the screen. As our home phone is not working (that's another FFS), I really need my mobile to work. FFS.

I called Telstra on Saturday and arranged to get a new phone. Without me asking they offered to waive the $900 contract cancellation fee and said that all I needed to do was pay off the phone (which was only $200) and I could get a new phone. Not FFS.

I tried calling the Bunbury Telstra store to see if they have the phone I want in stock, but as usual they didn't answer the phone. FFS.

Their answering machine message says that if you leave your details they will call you back by close of business that same day. They didn't call me back. FFS.

It's now a week later and they still haven't returned my call. FFS.

I had to do some food shopping so decided I'd head to the Telstra store on Monday and get a new phone. I waited in line for 15 minutes and spoke to the rude man (who was surprisingly pleasant), told him I want to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S4. He asked me to wait over in another part of the store whilst he dealt with the rest of the queue. After another 10 minutes waiting he came over and once again I told him I wanted to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S4. He told me no-one could help me with that for another hour. FFS.

I did my shopping and wandered around the shops with a very well behaved Chai for an hour then went back to the Telstra store. After another 10 minute wait someone came to help me. As soon as I told her I wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy S4 she told me they don't have any in stock, don't know when they'll be in stock and aren't taking orders or calling people when they arrive. FFS.

It turns out the man who handles the queue is the manager, so it's pretty disgusting that he didn't know what phones are in stock. FFS.

Wednesday Tiger called Telstra and explained everything to them and they are sending the phones out to us. Not FFS.

In future I will only deal with the call centre wherever possible. 

I am seriously contemplating opening up a Telstra store in Bunbury. I bet if I was nice to the customers and provided decent service no-one would ever go to the other store again. 

Now that you've read about my weekly mishaps, head over to Sarah's blog and see what everyone else has been up to this week. 

Dear Baby G

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