Friday, 16 March 2012

FFS Friday

Oh what a week it's been!

Hubby has been at it with his stupid parenting advice again. This time I was playing the 'sit down' game with bub. It involves bub standing up and me plopping him down onto some cushions. Hubby was watching me play this with bub and told me to be careful that he didn't bite his tongue. FFS. 

Such a stupid thing to say for a few reasons. Firstly, bub wasn't sticking his tongue out so there was no chance he could bite it. Secondly, we've been playing this game for months and he hasn't bitten his tongue. Thirdly, how did he imagine I could prevent bub from biting his tongue? Fourthly, if I thought bub was going to bite his tongue did he really think I'd be playing that game with him? FFS.

I should have told hubby to stick his finger in bubs mouth so that he could bite hubbys finger instead of his tongue. FFS.

My hair continues to be a topic of discussion and now MIL has got in on the act. FFS.

I was feeding bub and MIL noticed some of my hair on the floor so she picked it up and was carrying on about how long it is and wondering who it belonged to. FFS.

Considering hubby is bald I think it's pretty obvious the hair is mine. FFS.

I told her I can't stop my hair falling out and I'm sick of hearing about it. FFS.

One night when hubby was showering bub he found some of my hair wound tightly around bubs hand. FFS.

When he told me this I gleefully offered to chop off my hair. Hubby refused my kind offer. FFS.

What is it with men's obsession with long hair? FFS.

Earlier in the week Bub was been sleeping really well and yet I was so tired I could barely drag myself through the day. FFS.

Just to make sure we didn't get used to sleeping, bub is now teething again so has been up every hour for the last two nights. FFS.

In another sure sign that I have lost my marbles, I had MIL here for 2 days and thoroughly enjoyed it. FFS.

MIL also decided to get in on the stupid parenting advice whilst she was here. FFS.

After listening to her I can see where hubby gets it from. FFS.

I was lifting bub up by his arms and MIL told me to be careful that I didn't hurt him. FFS.

I told her (quite rudely, oops) that I would never hurt my bub and she told me that FIL lifted a child like that and dislocated her arm. FFS.

She then continued on with the story (which I know wasn't true) and told me that FIL broke the girls arm (which is how I know it was a lie, at first she said it was dislocated). FFS.

This then started another 'discussion' about her negativity. FFS.

I told her that it was thanks to her constant negativity that the boys couldn't make a decision to save their lives. FFS.

As if that wasn't bad enough I also told her that I don't want my son subjected to such negativity because it'll make him too scared to live his life. FFS.

And to take things that little bit further I told her she's one of the most negative people I've ever met. FFS.

I was invited to the Endota Spa launch party on Wednesday night and I couldn't go. FFS.

Considering I rarely get invited to go anywhere, this would have been the highlight of my year. FFS.

Yesterday bub choked. It was the scariest ten seconds of my life. FFS.

I didn't know that choking was silent. FFS.

Thankfully I was sitting with him so saw what was happening. I'm sure the fright gave me some grey hairs. FFS.

All bub wants to eat at the moment is fruit. He likes eating fruit because it bounces and makes a huge mess when he throws it on the ground. FFS.

He'll eat the whole peach/nectarine/plum, but he takes one bite, throws it on the floor, takes another bite, throws it on the floor, screams until I pick it up, takes a bite, throws it on the floor. Fun. FFS.

Dear Baby G


  1. The longer M sleeps at night the tireder I am the next day also! What's with that?!? Oh I bet the Endota launch would have been awesome too, I hope you can get there soon to check it out. I love reading about your MIL adventures :)

    1. I'm so glad it's not just me that gets tired with more sleep, I was starting to think there was something wrong. It's so bizarre though!

      I have a voucher for Endota so will be booking in as soon as I can get the Other Wife to babysit ;)


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