Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I've mentioned before that I'm really lazy with painting my fingernails. I love the look of painted nails but just can't be bothered with the time and effort that goes into having painted nails.

I've tried one of the stick on nail polishes before and it didn't work at all, however I recently tried the Nailease ones and it's love.

The kit comes with everything you need to put on the nails, even a silver strip to seal the packet so that the second set of polishes stays fresh. The photo above shows the nail file and buffer, cuticle stick and silver sticker to seal the packet. The photo below shows the remaining nails sealed into the packet.
The instructions that come with the nail polish are very comprehensive and easy to follow, I didn't have any problems.
This what the nail polish looks like before the end has been filed off.
And this is what it looks like after it's been filed off.
The full set of nails. Looks great and it only took me five minutes.I get at least seven days wear out of these before the ends start to chip a little.
The nails that I have are Khaki Black Leopard from the Trend Collection. You get twenty polish strips for $11.95. Nailease products can be purchased from their website.

These are definitely a product that I'll purchase. I love the way they look and they are super easy to apply.
This product was provided for consideration.

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  1. Nail strips has become such a huge trend! The leopard design looks very nice on your nails!


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