Friday, 23 March 2012

FFS Friday

Clearly there is a conspiracy in our house to turn me grey. FFS.

This time it was hubbys turn. FFS.

He decided to call me from the phone in his bosses office. FFS.

Hubby works in a dangerous job, so a phone call from his boss is never going to be good news, it means a very serious injury that has rendered hubby incapable of speech. FFS.

All these thoughts were racing through my head as I answered the phone, only to hear hubbys voice. FFS.

I decided to organise the emails for my blog. I spent ages adding labels and putting things in folders etc. FFS.

A few weeks later and I've discovered that my clever organisation means that email replies and emails from anyone who has ever emailed me in the past, now go straight into their folders, bypassing my inbox, so I don't know when I have a new email. FFS.

This means that I've been ignoring a hell of a lot of people. FFS.

Now I need to spend a day replying to all the emails I've ignored. FFS.

Bub is teething again so has not been sleeping well. FFS.

Early Sunday morning hubby was looking after him when I noticed he'd (bub not hubby) been crying for a while. I went in to make sure everything was okay and hubby was nowhere to be seen. FFS.

Turns out that hubby had decided to leave bub and go sleep in the spare room. FFS.

Would have been nice if he'd let me know. FFS.

Wednesday I got a final demand letter from a debt collector for the Video Ezy bill that hubby paid ages ago. FFS.

They decided to add on a $15 administration fee after we'd paid the bill. FFS.

I rang them and told them that the bill was paid in full before they added the administration fee so they can get stuffed if they think I'm paying $15 just because they can't get their records correct. FFS.

Not sure if the guy understood me cause he was from a call centre in India. FFS.

Think it's time to cancel my Video Ezy membership. Idiots. FFS.

Bob2 now has 9 messages on it that I can't listen too. FFS.

I have had a sore in the tip of each nostril for about six weeks now. FFS.

The end of my nose is so red that I look like Rudolph. FFS.

Every time Mum sees me she has to mention it. FFS.

Last time she saw me she commented on it again and then told me that it's time I healed it up. FFS.

What a bloody brilliant idea, why didn't I think of that. I'll just click my magic fingers and it'll instantly heal. FFS.

MIL hasn't visited this week so I don't have any of her antics to report, however I'll leave you with one of her comments that left a lasting impression. 
Every time she comes to our house she helps herself to whatever lollies/chocolate/biscuits we have in the house when she thinks we aren't looking. This particular day she wanted liquorice allsorts. When she couldn't find them she asked me for some and I told her we didn't have any. Actually, I'll quote the conversation to you. 
MIL "Can I have some liquorice allsorts please?"
GQ "We don't have any."
MIL "Oh, but I really want some."
GQ "We don't have any."
MIL "But you usually do."
GQ "We don't have any."
MIL "I looked and I couldn't find them."
GQ "We don't have any, we ate them all."
MIL "Oh. Can you just check for me please?"
GQ "No, we don't have any, I know that so there's no point checking."
When she thinks I can't hear she asks hubby for some. He tells her he doesn't think we have any and then asks me if we have any, so I tell him that we don't have any.
MIL then says to me "I've been craving them all week but I didn't buy any because I knew you'd have some so I thought I'd just eat yours."

Dear Baby G

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