Friday, 30 March 2012

FFS Friday

After last weeks absence, the MIL complaints are back again.

We invited the in laws to visit on Sunday. FFS.

I clearly told them to get to our house sometime after 1pm as we would be out in the morning. We got home at 12pm and they were at our house. FFS.

This meant we had to feed them lunch. FFS.

MIL bought down more clothes for bub. FFS.

She bought a whole pile of clothes that won't fit him for at least three years. FFS.

She also bought him two pairs of pink tracksuit pants. FFS.
Now I'm pretty easy going when it comes to gender stuff. Bub has dolls and I never tell him that 'boy's don't do that' etc, however I do draw the line at him wearing pink. I will not dress my boy in pink clothes. FFS

(Unless he decides that he wants to wear pink clothes when he's older. FFS)

MIL has also started bringing down clothes for me. FFS.

Most of them are size 12, I'm a size 8 or 10. FFS.

They are pretty special. There's one thing she bought me I don't even know what it is. Here is a photo of it, if anyone can identify it please let me know. FFS.
UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object)

The in laws stayed for 8 hours! FFS.

Surely there is some sort of law against that. FFS.

As well as the in laws, my Dad, brother, SIL and kids came over, so we had 10 people in our little house. FFS.

I was hoping that once my family arrived the in laws would get the hint and F off but they didn't. FFS.

They stayed so long that I had to feed them tea as well. FFS. 

I've been playing a game called Tiny Tower on my phone, it's heaps of fun but quite time consuming. FFS.

I had 103 floors which had taken me about 3 months to get, then on Monday they updated the game and I lost 60 floors. FFS.

Monday night I'm in bed (at 8.30pm) FFS.

I'm nearly asleep when hubby comes in and starts talking to me. FFS.

Thinking it's something important I rouse myself and try to listen. FFS.

You'll never guess what he wanted to talk about...martial arts. FFS.

Yes, he woke me up to talk about martial arts. FFS.

Hubby has started training again. This means that on Tuesday and Thursday evenings he doesn't get home until 7.30pm. FFS.

By the time he gets home I am usually tired and pissed off. FFS.

Invariably he walks in and asks what's for tea. FFS.

He doesn't realise he's taking his life in his hands each time he asks that question. FFS.

Tuesday night he walks in and starts complaining about the training session he'd just had. FFS.

I told him that as he gets time to himself and I don't, he doesn't get to complain about that time. FFS.

MIL was supposed to come and help out Wednesday so that I could meet up with some friends. We arranged it with her a few weeks ago. Monday she tells us that she can't help as she 'might' be having a colonoscopy. FFS.

Either she was or she wasn't, no might about it. FFS.

She would have known about it 2 weeks ago when she agreed to help. FFS.

As far as I know you don't just wake up in the morning and decide you're going to have a colonoscopy that day. FFS.

Thursday morning I'm settling bub at 4.50am. FFS.

I've nearly got him back to sleep when hubby gets up for work, turns on the kitchen light which shines straight into the nursery and wakes up bub. FFS.

Hubby then decides to turn on the light right outside bub's room. FFS.

It's at that point I walk out of the room and tell him to "turn the god damned lights off". FFS.

I finally managed to get bub back to sleep at 6am. FFS.

By that time I was wide awake. FFS.

Bub's always been a good eater but lately he's decided he's not such a fan of food. FFS.

He normally feeds himself however at the moment I have to feed him whilst also distracting him so that he's not aware he's eating. FFS.

He wants to hold the spoon and put it into the food, not to eat, but to throw it all over the place. Food ends up all over both of us, all over the wall and everything that is within 5 metres of his high chair. FFS.

His favourite food is fruit, because he likes to throw it on the floor. FFS.

I think he likes the splat sound it makes when it hits the floor. FFS.

All of the food antics should annoy me but he's just so cute that it's funny. FFS.

I never thought I'd say this, but I really miss going to the toilet on my own. FFS.

Going to the toilet with a toddler is not easy. FFS.

I'm either trying to stop him eating the toilet tissue or stop him putting his hands in the toilet, getting him to let go of my undies whilst trying to flush the toilet or a combination of all three. Fun. FFS

Dear Baby G


  1. Sounds like my week. Just change martial arts to basketball. Oh and I have no MIL. (I hit the husband jackpot!)

  2. I love these posts. I feel so sorry for you though! I do feel a bit bad for enjoying your frustration so much...


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