Thursday, 9 April 2009

MAC Powder Blush

One of the products that I've never really got the hang of is powder blushes. I always seem to make a mess with them and end up looking like a clown. For this reason I usually use sheer blushes.

I find MAC blushes to be foolproof. My favorite formulas are the Sheertones and Sheertone Shimmers. The Sheertones are gorgeous sheer colours and the Sheertone Shimmers are pretty sheer, shimmery colours. I currently have two MAC blushes, Coygirl and Shy Angel. Shy Angel isn't available anymore, so there's no point telling you about it. Coygirl is one of my favorite blushes ever. It's a sheer pale rose colour that looks really natural on my pale skin.

As with other MAC products, the blushes have an amazing range of colours and formulas. They're well pigmented and long lasting, with colours to suit everyone.

Would I buy these again? Yes. The next one on my list to buy is Dollymix which is a shimmery candy pink.


  1. I've been using MAC power blushes for years, they are really the best!

  2. Having pink under tones, I find blush reddens my complexion, tho I might just try these ones.

  3. Hellooo! I love MAC blush too. I own around 16 of them now, I think. And yes, sheertones and sheertone shimmers are my faves too, but I lean towards the warmer shades like Peachykeen and Springsheen. =)


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