Friday, 3 April 2009

MAC Paints

MAC paints are cream to powder eye shadows that come in a little tube just like a paint tube. I have two paints Untitled and Bare Canvas which I love for their versatility. I can use them as a wash of colour, as as eye shadow base or as a colour intensifier under powder shadows.

Untitled is my favorite paint. It's a pale nude mauve colour that looks very natural on me. I use it when I want a nude look, it brightens my eyes and makes me look more awake.
Bare Canvas is a shimmery pale beige that I usually use as an eye shadow base or underneath colours to intensify them. On me they last all day without creasing and if I use them as an eye shadow base they stop my powder eye shadows from creasing.

This is what MAC has to say about paints: A high tech, high performance eye shadow product which goes on creamy; dries to a powdery finish. It is ideal for colour-intensive, texture-rich looks that need to last. Made with concentrated pearl pigments in a cream colour formulation, the "transformative" abilities of M·A·C Paints allow for easy application, blendability, and flexibility of coverage. Its transfer-resistant finish creates a smooth, crease-free, slightly shiny, reflective look to the lid.

There are six different colours available which are all natural/nude tones.

One trick I've learned with paints is to unroll the end of the tube. If you don't do this when you open the paint it all comes flooding out and you can't stop it, so a lot gets wasted. When you unroll it this doesn't happen.

Would I buy these again? Yes, I'm already onto my second tube of Untitled.

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