Sunday, 6 March 2022

Thoughts of the week

I have a funny story that I haven't told yet. It happened last year. 

We were at the Bunbury Markets. They're an outdoor markets with lots of different stalls.
I saw this couple walking around and the bloke was looking at everyone, smiling and nodding. I thought to myself "Look at this dickhead, nodding at everyone like he's famous."
His partner was just acting normally.
He nodded at Tiger so I asked Tiger if he knew him but he didn't. He had no idea why this stranger was nodding at him.
As we were wandering around I saw them again and he was doing the same thing. His partner kept her head down and looked like she didn't want to attract attention. No one was approaching them so I decided he mustn't be famous, just a silly fool who thought he was someone.
A few days later I realised that it was Locky and Irena from The Bachelor. Hahahaha.

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