Friday, 25 March 2022

FFS Friday - Boofer

Hello beautiful Friday people. How are you all?
I hate secrets, I really do. I like to be open and honest. Why do I constantly find myself in a position where I have to keep secrets?
I had to keep secrets in my last job, it's turning out to be the same with my current casual position.
I don't like knowing things about people, especially when those people aren't aware that I know those things. It feels dishonest.
It's not fun. 
That's all I've got to say about that.
I still don't have a clothesline I can use. Tiger has been hanging out the washing for about four weeks now. You'd think he'd just lower the clothesline so I could hang the washing out but he hasn't. It's quite annoying not being able to hang out the washing when I want to. 
How many more weeks do we think it'll take him to fix the clothesline?
Speaking of Tiger, I have a feeling he's about to pinch my car. I have a cute, zippy little car that I love to drive. He has a horrible big boofer of a 4wd that I don't like to drive. 
His car currently costs over $130 to fill up. My car costs just under $80 to fill up. Tiger uses 1 tank of fuel a week. By using my car he'd save $50 a week. 
I really don't want to drive his boofer of a car. 
What's the bet this time next week I'm driving the boofer?
Don't you just love it when your kids make you look like a liar? Chai did that last week. It was pretty funny. Kids from year three up currently have to wear a mask at school. Chai's really been struggling with it. He uses the surgical masks as they're easy to breathe in, but he still struggles. I tried to get a mask exemption for him a few weeks ago. We couldn't get in to our usual Dr and the Dr we saw refused to give us one. 
Last week his teacher told me that Chai needs an exemption as he's not coping at all, so I took him to the Dr again. Once again we couldn't get in to our usual Dr. 
Whilst I told the Dr that Chai struggles with mask use and needs an exemption he happily sat beside me, calmly wearing his mask and showing no signs of distress.
When the Dr asked him if he could cope with wearing a mask at school all day, he said that he could! Hahaha, I looked so silly.
It was pretty funny. When we got out he was all upset because he can't cope with wearing a mask all day. I asked him why he didn't tell the Dr that and he couldn't give me a reason. FFS.
When I told the teacher what had happened, she once again told me that he needs an exemption. Not sure how I'm going to manage that when Chai doesn't help at all. 

Kids are so funny.

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