Friday, 11 March 2022

FFS Friday - Fun fun fun

Last week I had one of those days. 
You know the ones where nothing goes right?
I woke up at 4am. Nice. 
Got up and realised that one of the boys had wet the bed. 
Stripped the bed and put everything in the washing machine. 
Got the boys ready for school. 
Chai was making himself breakfast when a bit of hot oil splashed on his foot. He dropped his bowl full of food which smashed and food went all over the floor.
Thankfully Chai was okay.  
Cleaned up the mess.
Got the boys to school.
Raced home, hung out the washing and then headed out to the Telstra store. 
I had to swap my phone over and knew it was going to take a while. 
I wanted a 9am appointment but the earliest appointment was 10am.
They started swapping everything over at 10.05am.
I had to be back in town at 12.45am.
At 11am it wasn't even at 30% so they told me to come back in half an hour. 
I had no way of telling the time as they had my phone and my watch is still being repaired.
I decided to get a coffee.
Realised I could only get takeaway because I didn't have my phone with my vax cert on it. Couldn't check in either because no phone.  
Couldn't read my book because it's on my phone. 
Couldn't call anyone because no phone. 
Sat around for 35 minutes then went back. 
Phone was only at 45%. FFS.
Realised that the shoe repair store had a clock I could check. 
Wandered around the shopping centre until I had to leave to go back into town.
Told the Telstra staff I'd be back later. 
Stopped off to get some lunch but everything was over priced so I didn't bother. 
Raced to the boys school, served them all icy poles then raced back to Telstra. 
Realised I hadn't still had lunch but didn't have time. 
Got back to Telstra just as my phone finished transferring everything over.
It took 4 hours to transfer everything because I forgot to delete my videos. FFS.
Remembered there was a sushi shop so got a hand roll. 
They only had a spicy chicken one. I do not like spicy. It was not nice.
Raced back in to town and picked up the boys.
Chai had therapy so we stopped at the supermarket to get the boys a snack.
I'd run out of water so got a bottle of water.
Tipped the water all over myself and the car seat when I was trying to fill up my water bottle. 
Didn't have anything to mop it up with so had to drive around with a soaking wet bum.
Got to therapy and realised that I'd left the paperwork I needed at home. 
Chai finished therapy, we got into the car and I couldn't find my sunnies.
Found them in the toilet at therapy.
Got home just as it started raining. 
All the bedding was still on the line. Got it off just in time.
I'd planned on having chicken burgers for dinner but realised that four of the six patties I'd defrosted were not chicken. I have no idea what they were. 
Served dinner, did the bed time routine and climbed into bed.
The boys would not go to sleep. 
They were still awake at 9.30pm. FFS.
I survived to live another day.

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