Monday, 30 April 2018

Current favourites

I've been thinking lately about a change in direction for my blog. As part of my efforts to product less waste and be more mindful of what I use, I'm making the switch to natural, locally produced products from small Aussie businesses that are zero waste or recyclable. Over time you'll notice more of my content is based around products from small Aussie businesses. If you know of any great Aussie brands, please let me know. I'd also like to come up with a list of great Aussie small business brands so we can all support them. 

Now, onto some of the products that I've been loving lately. 

Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminiser
Being in my 40's, I usually stay away from highlighters and luminsers as they just aren't flattering on me. They either make me look wrinkly or make my pores stand out which is not how I want to look! Plus, they are often either blinding white or warm toned. I've been eyeing off the Rose Quartz Luminiser for a while, so when I saw it on sale I grabbed it and I'm so glad I did.

This is a cool, pink toned highlighter which is very, very subtle. It rubs in to almost nothing, leaving behind a beautiful, natural looking sheen.

If you like a really intense highlight this won't work for you at all. If you like the natural look, this is for you.

Behold! I have a lip balm holder and it's awesome! Kelly from Lip Lip was kind enough to send me one of her new lip balm holders. Funnily enough, I've been looking for one for a while but couldn't find them locally, so I was thrilled when this arrived in my letterbox. They come in pink, yellow and black.

My gorgeous Sakroots purse was a Christmas present. It's the purse I've been searching for but never been able to find. It zips up, fits all of the unnecessary stuff that I carry around, has a holder for my phone on the other side, plus a long and short handle. Perfect. Added to that, it's so cute!

Lip Lip lip balms
Speaking of Lip Lip, their balms are amazing. They come in an oval tube so fit perfectly in my pocket. Does anyone else always have a lip balm on them? I don't go anywhere without lip balm in my pocket.

The flavours are beautiful and they are available in either clear or a selection of three different tints. You can choose the flavour and tint that you want.  

My boys love Lip Lip and steal my balms, so I have to hide them. These balms are hydrating, organic and Australian made. Shipping is free and they plant one tree for every balm purchased. 

You can purchase Lip Lip balms here.

Bare Lips
You know that wonderful feeling when you meet a kindred spirit? That's what happened when I met Glaiza from Bare Lips. She loves lip balm as much as I do so we've spent a lot of time discussing our favourite lip balms. 

Glaiza hand makes each Bare Lips balm and has a range of gorgeous flavours. Her balms are all natural, vegan and zero waste. At the moment my favourite flavour is Rose Geranium, followed closely by Cocoa and Coffee.

The most surprising balm is Rosemary. I ordered it not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at how lovely it is. 

You can purchase Bare Lips balms here

Kiss Ready
I have been using a selection of Kiss Ready products and love every one of them. The Kiss Ready Skin deodorant is the best natural deodorant I've ever used. If you are looking for a natural deodorant, get your hands on this treasure.

Louella, the owner of Kiss Ready is lovely and a wealth of information. 

So far I've tried the lip balms, light chia oil, rose omega face balm and omega tropical body scrub (I use it on my face). I love and will be repurchasing everything.

If you only get two products from Kiss Ready, make it the deodorant and face balm. Face balm is a multi purpose wonder. It's a cleanser, moisturiser, face mask, lip treatment and body lotion to name a few. All Kiss Ready products are natural and hand made with mainly food grade products.

You can purchase Kiss Ready products here

Natural AF Cosmetics
Firstly, how great is the name of this company? I love it. Their Instagram is really funny too. 

Natural AF lip balms are natural, hand made in Australia and contain only four ingredients. I've been using mine for around four weeks and couldn't be happier. It's super hydrating, smells great and looks pretty. 

You can purchase Natural AF balms here.

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