Tuesday, 24 April 2018

SkinFood NZ launches in Australia!

Regular readers will know that I'm making the change to natural skin care and cosmetics. I've been seek out the best, effective natural skin care that I can find. Today I'm introducing you to the beautiful SkinFood NZ range. These products were sent to me for review and I've loved every one of them. 

I'm struggling to pick a favourite product from the range, but if I had to it'd be either the Gel Cleanser or Coconut Mist Toner. 

Gel Cleanser - $14.99
Having dry skin, I usually stay away from gel cleansers, they just don't work for me. Surprisingly, this one does. It's gentle on my skin, easily removes all my make-up, doesn't irritate my eyes and leaves my skin feeling comfortable. 
I used this as my first cleanse at night, it did a great job of removing everything, even heavy, greasy sunscreen. 

Light Moisturiser - $15.99
This will be my summer moisturiser. If you've got oily skin you'll probably love the light texture, the fast absorption makes it ideal for under make-up. I don't find this is hydrating enough for me in the colder weather, my skin gets very parched and needs a heavier moisturiser.

Exfoliating Scrub - $15.99
SkinFood Exfoliating Scrub uses ground walnut shells to exfoliate. They're in a creamy, hydrating base which makes the scrub gentle yet effective. I've been using this twice a week to keep my skin feeling smooth. It can also be used as a light body scrub, although I prefer to use it on my face. 

Mud Masque - $15.99
Mud Masque was another one of the products I wasn't expecting to work for me. My skin is a little sensitive, so anything that say "deep cleanse" I stay away from. In the name of beauty, I gave it a try and I'm so glad I did. My skin feels amazing after Mud Masque, it feels soft, smooth and hydrated.

Coconut and Nut Oils - $24.99
Oils are an essential part of my skincare routine, my skin loves them. Coconut and Nut oils is a multi-purpose product that can be used on the face, body and hair, as a make-up remover and cuticle treatment. I like to mix a few drop in with my night creamy to make a deeply hydrating treatment. Added bonus, it smells amazing.

Coconut Mist Toner - $12.99
Oh the beautiful scent. Whenever I use this I'm immediately transported to a warm summer day, it's wonderful. I've always been a rose mist person, but I'm now converted to coconut mists.

Mud and Honey Body Bar - $3.99
Despite the name, Mud and Honey Body Bar can also be used on the face. As a face cleanser it's gentle, removes all make-up and doesn't give that horrible squeaky clean feeling.
As a body cleanser it's gentle, hydrating, non drying and fragrance free.

I love all the SkinFood products I've tried. I'm planning on purchasing their lip balm, ,SPF 15 moisturiser and nourishing moisturiser next. 

SkinFood NZ products can be purchased from their website with free shipping Australia wide.

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