Sunday, 29 April 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. Tiger has been a busy little beaver this week. I now have a beautiful window box with gerbera's in it and an undercover clothesline. It's awesome.

2. It pays to check your bills people. This week we got a huge Telstra bill. When Tiger checked it, we'd been overcharged $570. How bad is that!

3. There's been a lot of people commenting on the Duchess of Cambridge leaving the hospital seven hours after giving birth. People are saying it's unfair that she was forced to leave so quickly etc. Here's my take on it:
I'm sure she would have left when she was ready, both physically and medically. The Dr's wouldn't have allowed her to leave if it wasn't medically okay.
Secondly, I'd imagine that she wanted to leave. Being in hospital would be a security and privacy risk. She wouldn't be able to relax as she'd be worried that someone might get through security. At home she's safe, comfortable, has all the help she needs and doesn't have to worry about someone getting a photo of her breastfeeding, or telling the media intimate details about her. I can totally understand why she'd be in such a rush to get home.

4. The school holidays are over. Send help. I'm not ready to face horrible school mornings.

5. The last post and haka being performed simultaneously at ANZAC ceremonies was amazing. Brings me to tears every time I hear it.

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