Friday, 6 April 2018

FFS Friday - Still

For the past few months I've given Tiger the pleasure of dealing with the boys school. I'm done with their particular brand of torture, it's time Tiger got to enjoy it. 

He's been getting rather frustrated at their constant run around tactics.

Withdrawing Eljay was the perfect example. 

He went to Eljay's class and said he wanted to withdraw him. 
They sent him to the office.
The office staff said he had to talk to the deputy.
He talked to the deputy who said that he needed to email her.
FFS. How difficult do they have to make it?

Then, get this. She asked if we'd re-enrol him next term if a position comes up. Right.
So a week after telling us that there's no way he can swap classes, they suddenly might have a position coming up in the next few weeks.
I'm sure that's not a coincidence.

It's all smoke and mirrors. They try to call your bluff with their refusals and scare tactics, but when that doesn't work you find out what they can really do. 

It's all about money. When a student is withdrawn they lose money. If you don't give an explanation as to why a student was absent, they lose money. Everything is about money. It should be about the kids but it's not, money rules.

Pity they couldn't realise that being open, honest and transparent they'd be more likely to keep the students than by their constant lies and bluff. 

If you can't already tell, I'm done with school. I swear, if anyone at school looks at me the wrong way I'm going to take my babies and run, never to return.

The good news is that after dealing with the school and sitting in on classes with Eljay, Tiger finally understands the major issues I have with our school system. I don't think it'll be long until we're happily homeschooling, YAY!

 Now for what's annoying me this week. 

Remember a few weeks ago I was talking about self care and how my lack of self care led me to having oral thrush? Yes? Well. I got the medication from the chemist, took it as directed but the symptoms didn't go away so I assumed it wasn't thrush and that I must have an issue with my gums and lips. Being a typical, totally paranoid person, I googled it and naturally came to the conclusion that I had oral cancer. As you do.

I finally got to see a dentist yesterday, who informed me that I still have thrush and that the reason I still have it is because it needs to be treated with prescription medication for at least 21 days. 

Great. So the chemist was wrong. Lovely. I've now got some wonderful lozenges that I get to suck on four times a day. Good news is that thrush is a lot better than oral cancer, so there is that. 

Have a beautiful weekend lovelies.

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