Friday, 6 October 2017

FFS Friday - Country Chic

Trying to get things sorted for Chai at school is proving difficult. Very difficult. 

I'm starting to wonder why I'm bothering when I can just home school and save all the trouble (and money).

To get funding for a teachers assistant he needs to see a psychiatrist. 

I'm expecting that will be really expensive.

I took him to the Dr and asked for a referral to a psychiatrist, explained why I need it and why it has to be a psychiatrist not a psychologist or paediatrician.

As she's new to the area she said that she'd find out who to refer Chai to and send the referral to me.

A few days later I received a letter from a paediatricians office saying they'd received a referral for Chai. FFS.

He's already seen a paediatrician who can't help and it was a huge waste of $360.

I called the Dr's surgery, explained the situation and they said they'd call me back that day.


The next day the Dr called me and explained that she'd referred Chai to a paediatrician because they are experts in anxiety, sensory issues etc and they can arrange a referral to a psychiatrist. 

So she wanted me to spend $360 to get a referral? 

I explained to her once again that it had to be a psychiatrist and that he's already seen both a paediatrician and a psychologist.

I also explained to her that seeing the paediatrician cost $360 so I wasn't prepared to spend that sort of money just for a referral that she could provide!

She apologised for the confusion. WTF? There was no confusion, she just didn't listen to me when I explained to her the first time why it had to be a psychiatrist and no-one else. FFS.

As is usual with the country, there's only one paediatric psychiatrist down here so getting an appointment will take at least six months and mean that Chai won't have the report in time for the start of school next year. FFS.

All signs are pointing to no.

I am seriously wondering why I'm playing this game and why I am allowing my boy to be part of a schooling system that doesn't work for him. 

I'm kidding myself thinking that next year will be better, it'll be exactly the same. They'll still have unrealistic expectations that he won't be able to achieve. 

It's not healthy or normal for young children to be sitting still all day. They need freedom and movement.

The difference in Chai since he stopped school is amazing. Not only is he a lot happier, physically he's come a long way. He's so much stronger. His core strength is better, he's less floppy, has more stamina and is making progress so quickly. All this is due to him not sitting down all day at school. 

I wish I'd never sent him to school, that I'd trusted my instincts and kept him home where he needed to be. 

Off the grid or a nomadic lifestyle is looking more and more enticing. If only we could free ourselves of our financial constraints and escape.

I can dream. Not only for me, but for my babies.

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