Friday, 16 June 2017

FFS Friday - Witty

Sometimes (okay, nearly all of the time) I just can't help being sarcastic with the kids. I know they don't understand it but the temptation is so great that I can't resist.

They ask so many silly questions it's begging for some sarcasm. Here's a few examples from the last week.

We're at the park. We've just got out of the car and I'm waiting for Chai to close the door so I can lock the car.
Eljay: Can we go to the park?
Me: No, we're just going to stand here and look at the park, you can't play. 

When I'm putting yoghurt into cups for them.
Eljay: Can we have some yoghurt?
Me: No, I'm going to put it into the cups and put it in front of you, but you aren't allowed to eat it. 

Whilst waiting for dinner to cook. It's in the oven.
Chai: I'm hungry. Is dinner ready?
Me: Yes.
Chai: Can we have it?
Me: No. I'm waiting for you to tell me you're hungry a hundred times before I give you dinner, you've only told me twenty times so far. 

Standing outside looking at the rain.
Chai: Is it raining?
Me: No.
Chai: Yes it is. 
Me: It's not, someone just turned the hose on.

When we're laying in bed at 5am because Chai has woken us all up early for a change.
Chai: Is it dark?
Me: No, it's broad daylight.
Chai: No it's not, it's dark.
Me: Exactly. 

When they've asked for pizza for dinner, I've made pizza and it's on plates in front of them.
Eljay: Are we having pizza for dinner?
Me: No, we're having lasagne.
Eljay: But this is pizza.

At 5.30am, pre dawn.
Chai: Can we go to my cousins house?
Me: Sure, let's get in the car now, I'm sure they'll be awake.
Chai: Really?
Me: Yes, let's go.
Chai: Everyone is still asleep aren't they Mum?
Me: ....

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