Thursday, 22 June 2017

Final Lipstick and Lip Gloss Challenge Update

Well this is awkward. I tossed both of the glosses I'd planned to finish. Oops. I realised that I didn't like the Clinique gloss at all and the Australis gloss was so old that using it on my lips was gross. So they went in the bin. In future I'll make sure the products I'm using in a challenge are ones that I like and will use.

I did keep on using both of the lipsticks so at least I can report my progress on them!

I haven't finished either of them. To be frank, I got sick of using the same lipsticks all the time so started using other products. For my next challenge I'll select at least four lipsticks so I'm not just using the same two all the time, it's too boring. I was planning on tossing the Revlon lipstick but now that I've seen how close it is to empty I'm determined to finish it. 

I feel a bit funny about finishing my Chanel Boy. It's the lipstick that Tiger bought me the day I was being induced with Chai. It's six years old so definitely needs to be finished, but the sentimental side of me doesn't want to finish it. I'll definitely replace it when it's finished. 

So there you have it. Not a very good effort but some progress made.  

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  1. Chanel Boy is a favourite of mine too. Sadly it is/has been discontinued. Chanel are discontinuing the whole Rouge Coco Shine line :(


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