Wednesday, 14 June 2017

May empties

The Body Shop Shea Butter hand cream 
I love these hand creams, they're one of my favourites. I love how hydrating these are and how quickly they absorb. The little size is perfect for my handbag. I buy them at christmas when they come in packs with the lip butters.

Skin Again Youth
I have a review of Youth and the cleanser coming up soon. The Skin Again products are lovely, as is the philosophy behind the company. I really enjoyed using this serum. Whilst it didn't product any amazing results it did keep my skin feeling smooth and soft. 

Milk Baby Nighty Night room spray
The boys loved this room spray. I'm not sure if it helped them sleep but it smelled nice.

Lush Ultra Blast toothpaste
Ultra Blast is mint and wasabi flavoured. It was okay but I wouldn't buy it again. It'd be great if Lush would release a mint flavour. I thought that the wasabi might make the toothpaste hot but it didn't, it just made it taste a little sour.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream
I used this as a night cream and it was lovely. I can't say it did anything amazing for my skin but it was pleasant to use and very hydrating. 

Elektra magnesium cream
I massage the boys feet with magnesium cream every night. It helps them sleep better and they love the foot massage. After going through a heap of the Elektra magnesium creams, I've found a much cheaper alternative so will be using that instead. The Elektra creams are lovely, they have a range of different scents and the tube packaging is convenient.

Korres Cranberry Instant Lifting mask
This was nice to use but did nothing for my skin so I won't purchase it again.

It's the Bomb Sugar Scrub
These are my favourite body scrubs. I still love my coffee scrubs, but the sugar scrubs are a lot less messy and the scents are amazing. This one was Mimosa scented, not sure what scent I'll get next. Whatever scent I choose I know it'll be awesome. 

Alaffia deodorant
I've finally found a natural deodorant that doesn't irritate my pits and works in the harsh Aussie summer. Even better, it's under $7 (depending on the exchange rate). 

Schwartzkopf Live hair colour
Now that my favourite hair colour has been discontinued I'm on the hunt for a new colour. This one was on sale at Priceline and turned out quite well. I'll try it a few more times and then decide if I want to stick with it or try something different.  

The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum
Absolute Serum is a silent hero. It's one of those products that you don't realise is working until you stop using it. Having used about five bottles you'd think I'd know how amazing it is and yet I still forget. I finished it a few weeks ago and I've been wondering why my skin has been so crappy lately. It wasn't until I started listing my empties that I realised what the problem is. I'm off to get another bottle today. 

Inika primer
I loved every one of the Inika products in my trial pack, they're all definite repurchases. The trial pack is a great way to test out the range, I got at least a months use out of each item. If you are a fan of the Hourglass primer you'll love Inika's primer, They are very similar. Out of the two I prefer Inika as I find it more effective.

Andalous Luminous face mask
I picked this up with my last iHerb order. It's a single use face mask that's meant to leave you with glowing, luminous skin. It was pleasant to use, although it did tingle a little. When I removed it my skin looked fresh and healthy with no redness.

*Note: Skin Again Youth was sent to me for review. All other products I purchased myself.

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