Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Foundation Files: Aldi Lacura Caviar Power Foundation and Concealer

Aldi has a pretty good reputation when it comes to skin care, it's said that their products are equal to or better than a lot of high end brands. I haven't heard much about their cosmetics range, so when I saw the Caviar Power foundation in store for $19.95 I decided to give it a go. 

There were three shades available; Light, Medium and Dark. There weren't testers either so you're taking a risk buying the product. I'm not sure if they'd accept returns, surely they'd have to when they don't have testers available.

Fortunately for me the Light shade is a good match for me. I'm NC20 in MAC foundation, so if you are pale then you won't have any luck getting a colour match. 

Caviar Power foundation comes with a matching concealer in the lid. The concealer is the same colour as the foundation. I use wear my concealer a shade or two lighter than my foundation so I wasn't sure how effective this would be, but to my surprise it worked really well and effectively hid my dark under eye circles and the dark spots on my face. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice Caviar Power foundation is. It gives medium, dewy coverage, doesn't accentuate pores or fine lines and lasts all day without fading. It feels quite hydrating and they claim that it has anti-aging properties. 

The concealer is lovely too, it effectively covers my dark circles without sinking into my fine lines and making me look like I'm 90.


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