Friday, 2 June 2017

FFS Friday - People are strange

Remember when I said a few weeks ago that Tiger and I had the chance to go out together at night and I didn't think it'd happen? 

I was right.

Saturday morning came and things were looking good.

My stomach was still feeling dodgy but I was well enough to soldier through it.

Chai was feeling better and we were all happy. 

We had breakfast and Eljay didn't eat anything. I didn't think a lot of it because he'd had a chai so I thought he was full.

A little while I noticed five sores on the top of his foot. 

I checked his hands and found blisters there, then tried to check his mouth but he wouldn't open it cause it was sore. 

He had hand, foot and mouth disease. 

I broke the news to Tiger and told him that he and Chai could go to the party and I'd stay home with Eljay.

About half an hour later Tiger came down with gastro.

We all stayed home.

I can't describe how disappointed we were. 

Chai spent a few hours Sunday telling us how disappointed he was that we didn't go to the party.  

You're not the only one kiddo.

It's starting to sink in the we have a special needs child. 

In a way it's a relief knowing why we've struggled for so long, but in another way it feels like such a huge thing to deal with. 

I know we're lucky that Chai's issues are relatively insignificant and easy to deal with but I still find it slightly overwhelming. 

Trying to get Tiger to understand that Chai isn't just naughty is tough. This is made more difficult by me not having a full understanding of how everything affects him. 

It's only early days yet, I'm sure things will get easier as we go along. We've already seen a huge change in his behaviour since we started Occupational Therapy so I'm hoping over time things will sort themselves out and my baby will be a happy little vegemite. 

Working out his triggers will help a lot too. Last weekend he really struggled. We had the in-laws here. Can't say I'm surprised that MIL is a trigger. She stresses Tiger and I out so naturally she has the same effect on Chai.

MIL was really upsetting him so we had a word to her. First thing she said was that he doesn't have SPD and Dr's diagnose all kids with SPD.

We told her that's not right, that a Dr didn't diagnose him and that he's not on any medication so there would be no advantage to misdiagnosing him. Tiger showed MIL information on SPD. After she'd had a thorough read of it she came and told us that it was very interesting and that she used to work with special needs children so knows all about how to help them. I left the room. 

I don't understand why people think that a medical professional would want to misdiagnose a child. What would be the advantage of that?

Also, why would a parent want their child diagnosed with something they don't have? Getting treatment is expensive and time consuming, you wouldn't do it if it wasn't necessary. 

People are strange. So am I.

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